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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Yesterday, Barbara, Charles, Cindy and I left the kids/grandkids behind at 9:30 a.m. and travelled to Monalcino for the day. We did not return until about 7 p.m. This is Brunello country, and some of the most beautiful countryside in the entire world.

After going to a very nice wine tasting, we spent most of the day at Poggi Rubino. They make some great wines which one tastes and they have a great lunch. The people could not have been nicer and the price for the lunch, in a most gorgeous setting, could not have been more fare.

Many great wineries have lunches. Some, like Antinori, are so outrageously priced that they could be arrested. Many years ago, we had houseguests. We split the cost of our meals out. Our guests suggest Antinori and made all the arrangements when the bill came and I asked my share, our friends refused to show us the bill because they were embarrassed to have taken us to such a clip joint.

Anyway yesterday was a memorable day. It was my Wife’s idea and I did not to not go enough to state my opinion. Remember, we just finished going to about a dozen wine tastings throughout Australia.

We sent some nice Brunello’s to Florida as well as some very good vinegar. We actually intend to go back.

One side note of interest. Other than we go to Arezzo to the antique fair and take the train which is easier and much cheaper than a driver, we have probably, over the years, hired a car when we leave Florence for lunch. We always invite our driver to join us for lunch as our guest and he has no limitations on what he can order except when it comes to alcohol.

Yesterday when the bill came, we were only charged for four when we had five. I point out that I thought we were under charged, and was told “the driver eats for free”. That has never happened before.


This may sound funny coming from a divorce lawyer, but it is not. It is coming from a father. Particularly, at this time of year, there are lots of Facebook posts from parents announcing their joy at the engagement of a child. Think about “why?”.

Because most caring parents, especially those happily married, want to see their child settled with a mate with whom the can go through life. Someone committed to their child’s happiness who will enjoy the good times, help them through the bad times, and otherwise take care of each other in sickness and in health, rich or poor. Many will provide grandchildren, which I define as a parent’s reward for letting your child live.

What I think is not given enough consideration by the child is the devastation to the parents when their child’s marriage is not successful. The parent, in one form or the other, thinks a major loop is closed and, then, all of a sudden it is not.


Wanted to stay up and follow the Marlins game, but too tired.

Thhe radical right in the House is punishing McCarthy because he stopped us from going into default. This many lunatics defies all the laws of averages. Will there ever come a time when the voters wake up and say “enough?”


Struggling to get Charles and his family a car back to Rome, and God forbid, you do not want to pay cash. No wonder, the government is going broke. Almost no one wants to pay taxes

I would be a terror if I decided, “no more taxes” —————————-

See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan


Go Ukraine

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