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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

There is a low calorie ice cream called Halo Top. An entire pint, really enough for a meal all by itself, is between 270 and 390 calories. Is it a great ice cream? Of course not. However, for someone like myself who has rarely had ice cream he did not like, it is more than passable. There are a few things in the world where the worst one is still pretty damn good.


I keep going back to the platform of the Texas Republican Party. When I first wrote about it, many of my readers thought it was a joke. IT IS NOT A JOKE.

Read the Platform and read it again and again and again. This is a roadmap of where the Republican Party intends to go. Are there any decent, reasonable, elected Republicans? Before this Texas Manifesto was made known, my answer would have been, “Of course, not everyone is a wacko."

Now, other than a handful, I am not so sure. How many Republicans have you heard publicly denounce this madness? When I google “How many elected Republicans have denounced the Texas Republican Platform?", no names come up.

Now I know some Republicans do not agree with every item. At least a few recognize Biden as being duly elected. I have not heard any Republican Senator say the income tax should be abolished, etc., etc. Still, the silence has been deafening.

If I were a journalist with the opportunity to interview any elected Republican or Republican running for office, I would have in my hand a checklist which contains each item in the Platform, and it would simple.

"Sir or Madam, yes or no, do you agree with:

  • Banning gay marriage,

  • Eliminating the Federal Reserve,

  • Leaving the United Nations,

  • No gun control whatsoever?"

And so forth and so on. Put each interviewee’s feet to the fire on every single point, telling them in your preface to the questions that failure to answer will be considered as a “yes” or “Yes, I agree with the Texas Platform on this point,” if any would stand for this process.


Keep in mind that the Texas Republican Party, the entire Party, not just one or two Trump cultists, has taken the position that Joe Biden was not duly elected. It does not matter one iota that, in over one year, no evidence has been discovered that there was any election fraud sufficient to change the outcome.

How many lawsuits have been brought? How many appeals taken, how many judges, some Trump appointees, have looked at this issue? How much litigation expense has been incurred? How many others suffered a delay in their cases because judges were busy adjudicating one ridiculous lawsuit after another.

It is one thing for some whore politician currying Trump’s favor to say “Sure Donald, I agree with your delusional conclusion that the election was stolen, so now help me”. It is another thing for any entire major State party to adopt a position that is, beyond any reasonable doubt, wrong.


Can anyone figure out the strategy of Mike Pence? Most, if not all the other presidential wannabes are out to prove they can out-Trump Trump. They each have a committee whose sole purpose seems to be to come up with the most extreme position imaginable. That is not Pence’s strategy. It may be he is wanting the wacko extremists to knock each other off by getting so crazy they self-destruct. Then, being only semi-insane, he is the last candidate standing. Remember, in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.


The Marlins were shutout yesterday. I am going to try to get to my first game tonight just for a few innings. I am scheduled to leave for the airport at 6:15 a.m. Wednesday to fly to Vegas so cannot stay out late. However, among other reasons, tonite is the last day of the month we have to spend a slug of money the Marlins give us to spend each month on merchandise and if we do not spend it, we lose it.


I am not sure I made the right decision, but this afternoon I am having an ultrasound test to rule out having any blood clots. I have some minor swelling in one leg and a little more swelling in my injured leg. I have been on a blood thinner for over a year so the orthopedic surgeon thinks any clots are unlikely, but he is covering his ass by prescribing the test. I could ignore the prescription and just get on the plane to Vegas not knowing if I have any clots. I concluded that I do not want my first bet to be getting on the plane. I prefer to bet at the craps or poker table.

My injured leg, however, is mending well.

By the way, I do wear compression socks almost all the time and always when I fly. It takes me about as much time to put on these damn socks as it takes a centipede to put on its shoes.


Go Ukraine

Photo by Enrique Matias

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