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Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Yesterday was my birthday with much more “good” than “bad”. Actually, it was a great day because I heard from practically everyone I know in the world. Most importantly, I heard from every child (3), every grandchild (7) and my daughter-in-law and son-in-law. I batted 1000 –- cannot do better than that!

Had lunch with Bobby and Elaine (Bobby I met in college in 1957) and David called from New York (we met in law school in 1962). These are my two closest friends, and, of course, I actually had Barbara’s undivided attention once we got in the car for lunch.

The problem is that I tried to celebrate at Prime Italian with champagne. It turned out that in addition to my broken leg needing rehabilitation, my capacity to drink and say awake is very, very low. There was a time when I consumed a full bottle sometimes closer to two. Now, two glasses practically put me under the table.

When we got home, instead of turning on the news to find out what was new and frame today’s post, all I did was receive more calls or return a few and went to bed. I got up at 6 a.m. today and will try to write something coherent.

My friend Bill Duker even wrote me the following birthday poem:

You’ve lived a life you called “charmed”.

So many blessings and so little harmed A wife who has been the center of your world Two boys and a girl.

You have all your marbles and all your hair (love that line) You’ve made friends and acquaintances almost everywhere. You succeeded in business and the law You have a sharp wit that can still awe.

You’ve traveled the world by land and sea With homes in America and Italy. You have had the same best friend for six decades You’ve defied the notion that everything fades.

Which part to envy is harder a birthday to choose Even at craps to can’t seem to lose. Better to be happy than to envy the life you make But, I wouldn’t mind a slice of that birthday cake.


Looks like the January 6 Committee hearings went well. Certain Republicans will never be convinced Trump did anything wrong. Hard to believe, but that is just the way it is.

Worse for me is the fact that it is almost impossible for me to be close friends with anyone who still says ”I will vote for Trump”. My friends know I hate change. If I liked you fifty years ago, I still like you, but it is not the same.

The Roe v Wade issue is a good example. I do not understand why 99% of the women in America are not outraged. No one says you have to have an abortion, but to agree it is illegal to do so no matter what the circumstances is beyond an outrage.

And at the risk of pissing off my American Jewish friends, I think our personal freedoms in the United States are more important than where the capital of Israel is located. Over my lifetime, I have given hundreds of thousands to Israel and other Jewish causes, but my right to vote and have my vote fairly counted is more important to me than the location of any country’s capital.


Does anyone think there will be debates between Senator Warnock and Hershel Walker? I cannot imagine Walker would ever agree but the Democrats need to keep demanding the candidates debate,


Going into office in a couple of hours. It will be my first time driving in several months


I never have asked people to donate to any charity on my behalf. However, totally unsolicited, I received very generous checks for American Friends of Florence Music . Thank you.


Marlins lost another one-run game.


Thank you again for the hundreds of well wishes and kind comments.


Go Ukraine

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