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Tuesday, July 12, 2022

I have concluded that on a dollar per behavioral basis, Musk is the biggest billionaire schmuck at least in the United States.


As the All Star break and then the trade deadline approaches, it occurred to me that this is the time of the year that the Marlins go into a tailspin.

You see, it is at this time that management has what is essentially three choices. Either it is decided there is a chance to make the playoffs and the team tries to strengthen its roster, or they decide the season is already gone and they dismantle the team, or they decide to more or less stand pat because maybe there is some chance of success.

If the Marlins can get to .500 or better by the trade deadline, there is some chance they will not give away really good players for nothing or next to nothing. They have a history of giving away players who turn out, literally, to be future Hall of Famers. The Marlins have made more bad decisions about personnel than the rest of the league combined.


Think I should counsel any pregnant clients they can take the fetus as a dependent when filing their tax return? I will call my accountant to discuss.

Can the fetus get a social security card?


Biden is being criticized for not being more aggressive in reacting to the reversal of Roe. What exactly do his critics think he can do, more than he has done? Maybe they expect the President to carry a picket sign outside the Supreme Court or outside Alito’s house. Give me a f——— g break!

We Democrats are absolutely horrible politicians. The Republicans have learned to stick together. Really, only Cheney and a few others have had the guts to criticize Trump publicly. The Democrats cannot wait to air their dirty linen.

Biden has done some extraordinarily great things. Why are we not shouting his accomplishments from the rooftops? Shame on us.

The vast majority of voters have no memory. They forget almost instantly promises elected officials make. The fact that politicians say they will do things that are impossible to do, like have Mexico pay for a Wall, do not matter. Biden needs to get really aggressive and say he is going to try to get the Senate to pass a bill that all cheese will be free in the month of June. The fact that Manchin and Sinema have already said that the furthest they will go is 48% off normal retail prices will not matter. ——————————-

I do not normally do this, but a reader has asked me to post the following which I will do this one time (but not twice as requested because I do not intend my daily posts to become advertisements of any kind).

Please watch LIVESTREAM unveiling of Nilda Comas’, master sculptor, masterpiece of Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune LIVE on Wednesday, July 13 at 11:00 am


As I feared, the Marlins lost to a much inferior Pittsburgh team. As I often tell people who go with me when Rogers pitches, get there on time because the game could be over early.

Sure enough, the Pirates scored twice in the first and once in the second and we could only muster 1 run, losing 5 to 1. Not a good way to start off a four-game series at home.

Daughter Beth accompanied me.


I miss tomorrow night’s game because we have a family friend, a doctor, who helps me and my entire family get the right doctors and oversees everything to make sure all is being done the right way. He does not charge us, so anytime I can do something for him, I do it more than gladly. I have said this many times: “In a perfect world, it would not matter who your doctor or lawyer or other professional is, but it ain’t a perfect world and it matters big time”.

Our friend makes sure we are in the right hands.


Early this morning, the euro and the dollar were at parity. Been a long time since the dollar was this strong. Those with dollars can now travel very cheaply. However, those with euros planning on traveling here will find things extremely expensive.


I spent considerable time yesterday reading about and listening to Carousel. It is sad but absolutely brilliant. Showboat is still my favorite, but Carousel is close behind -- certainly in the top five.


I am seeing a prospective client this morning and hope to see most of the January 6 Committee proceedings this afternoon. That will be interrupted by my trainer who will arrive at about 2:30. Have to give my rehabilitation priority. I would not like the quality of my life to deteriorate just as I am learning how to navigate things.


Go Ukraine, and vote as if your life depends upon it.

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