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Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Big news is Sweden will be coming into NATO. Do not know the details because my social life intervened. However, I know this is very important. Here is another instance where Biden and the Democrats should be shouting from the rafters this accomplishment.

The forgoing is pretty much all I know about what happened in the world yesterday


In my personal world, I hung out with Beth for several hours. Then had lunch at Tadich Grill and dinner at Scoma’s. Great food


As great as the internet was on my Jet Blue flight Saturday, Amy’s flight yesterday had no internet at all. Oh well.


Throughout my professional career, I worked very hard to gain the respect of my peers. Barbara and I had a celebration dinner when I was named in the first edition of “The Best Lawyers in America”. I have been named in every edition yesterday, I was advised that I have been included again which I find particularly satisfying after almost 58 years practicing law.

I am back practicing, and, hopefully, will make the next edition. Now the phone has to ring .


Just read that Trump has a 20 point lead over DeSantis in Florida. Hard to imagine.. Do these Republicans have a plan B?


Some of the streets in San Francisco are so steep that I cannot imagine any normal person walking them.

Off to Reno later today.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan. (Last night I was asked if I had a plan B. Good question)

Part of plan is that I now eat green bananas. —————————

Go Ukraine

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