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Tuesday, January 3, 2023

This is the first time that the most important story from Monday occurred during Monday Night Football when Bills safety Damar Hamlin was so severely injured that the game was stopped. As I write this, I do not know if this 24-year-old will even live. He received CPR on the field. I do know that there is outstanding medicine practiced in Cincinnati so we can only pray that this young man pulls through. I doubt that the game will be resumed but as of 10 p.m. no one knows nothing. Okay, it was just announced that the game was suspended and what that means football-wise, no one really cares.

Saturday night, after Michigan lost to TCU, one of our group expressed her condolences to me about the loss. I responded instinctively, without a second’s thinking, “It’s just a game”. And then, this kind of thing happens. Oh my.


Here is my two cents. Kevin McCarthy, like many other elected officials, is not worthy of the office he seeks. Remember, the Speaker is third in line to be President. Other than Donald Trump, McCarthy is the least worthy of the position he seeks than anyone in memory including Hershel Walker. He is Ill-tempered and vindictive. He is not that smart and his skills for building a consensus are almost non-existent. He does not have the wealth behind him that Trump does and he does not have the maniacal cult to support him. He does not deserve to be Speaker.


Believe it or not, last night at 7 p.m. I totally finalized the purchase of our two leased cars. I have never seen a simpler deal made so complex, but it is finally done with a little less effort than the AOL/Time Warner merger.


Barbara and I are off to the courthouse to see Lauren Alperstein sworn in as a Circuit Judge. I thought that right after the ceremony, I would have to rush home to try to get the car deal signed, but that loop is now already closed. Now, assuming he is available, we can go see Bobby, which we had no time to do with every second accounted for. Now there is.

In the middle of the night I received a notice from our cruise line that we must have a Covid test showing we are negative within 48 or 24 hours of boarding, depending on the test. I am having serious concerns now about going to the courthouse or to see Bobby and risk being exposed to Covid. Any opinions out there? Barbara says “ you have to go but wear a mask”.

I am writing this at 1:30 a.m. and will post this by 5 a.m. to see what feedback, if any, I get.

We had our 4th booster about five days ago and we feel fine. Neither of us has had Covid, although almost all members of our family have. So, although we have been careful, we have travelled, been in crowds and otherwise lived normally for many months. The smart money would bet that our shots worked with us even though they do not work with everyone. Still, I am very nervous about going into the courthouse or visiting Bobby who has been in and out of hospitals.

On second thought, I am going to post this now and get some feedback.


Go Ukraine

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