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Tuesday, January 10, 2023

I now have a co-author for my daily blogs. Barbara decided to write most of what I had to say this morning. One reason I have not much to add is that almost from the beginning of our cruise, there has been trouble with the satellite, at least Seabourn thinks that is the problem, and there has been no television. Moreover, to borrow from Gershwin, the internet has been a sometime thing.

There is almost a mutiny on board because Seabourn has refused to make the NFL playoff games available. Almost 50 passengers, all paying a great deal of money for this cruise, have signed a petition but to no avail. I did not sign but have been the spokesperson for the group trying, unsuccessfully, to get the games. What cannot be divulged is the major, really unbelievable, thing Seabourn did for us. I did not want to appear ungrateful in any way but I have nicely presented the issue.

I do think higher management at Seabourn has made a terrible business decision. I have been on several Oceania cruises at playoff time and they always paid the licensing fees and made the games available. Several loyal Seabourn cruisers are so irate that they are talking about switching cruise lines. These are people that cruise almost the whole year every year.

As I write this, the issue is moot because of the satellite problem. At least Seabourn is bringing in the SuperBowl. In my mind, this is just another example of smart people doing stupid things, something I try never to ridicule because the principle has allowed me to make a living over 56 plus years.

I did quickly prevail on the dry cleaning issue. We have unlimited free laundry and dry cleaning. When I made the request, I said that if the cruise line ever thought I was abusing the privilege to tell me and we would reach a different accommodation. It took me only a few minutes to present my request, and it took Seabourn about 15 minutes to call me to say my request had been granted.

Some really good musical entertainment came onboard yesterday. A great female singer together with a great drummer who also sings along with a guitar, and a keyboard player who also plays a very good harmonica. He may not be as good as my favorite harmonica player Mickey Raphael, who has played with Willie Nelson for about 30 years, but this guy is damn good.

As we travel, the time changes. Yesterday, our clock went back an hour. This means that, while we are traveling, you will be seeing my posts at different times. Many of my readers have told me they read what I have to say with their morning coffee. That will not be possible as we continue to places like Australia.

I have started a new winning streak. Yesterday, incredibly, I received a text from Donald Trump that I have been named Patriot of the Month for January. Remember, I also won in December, so two months in a row has to be approaching an Olympic, if not a World, record. All this without ever giving Trump a nickel and repeatedly stating he should be in jail. Just think of the awards I would receive if I did not consistently express that I think Trump is the worst President in modern history and a human being with no socially redeeming value.

In a couple of hours, we arrive in Santo Tomas Castillo, Guatemala. We will get off the ship just because it is against our religion not to do so, but I think we will be back on the ship in an hour or less. I have questions why Seabourn chose this port. Here are the excursions offered. Tell me what you would do.

A 4-hour Kayak Adventure for $69 per person. It says not for those who mind getting wet.

A 4-and-1/2-hour visit to an Archaeological Park and Ruins of Quirigus for $99 per person. Travel on a bus is 1.5 hours each way so 3 of the 4.5 hours is travel to see whatever.

Another 4-hour excursion, three of which is on a bus, but it is made clear the bus is air conditioned to see the San Feiipe Fortress and buy souvenirs for $79 per person, or my personal favorite.

A 9-hour trip to Tikal, Maya City of Voices, which involves a 40-to-90 minute flight and then a 1-hour drive and then a 3-hour hike all for $659 per person plus airport fees

No root canal without anesthetic was offered, but it should be clear why I thought this would be more like a sea day than a day in a port.

However, Belize City was such a pleasant surprise, mostly due to the efforts of Barbara Fox, that I am more than content to spend most of the day on the ship. I do not think Seabourn is surprised that this port is a waste, because the restaurants on board that are normally closed for lunch are open today.


I was not happy not to be able to watch Georgia v TCU beat 65 to 7! My word. Georgia might beat the Dolphins.


I do not believe I have ever thought a pro team had zero chance of winning. You know the expression, “On any given Sunday……”. However, I think the Dolphins’ chances of beating Buffalo are as close to zero as any game in my memory.


I will go back to writing at least something about what is going on in the world when I know what is going on in the world.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine.

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