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Tuesday, February 21, 2023

This is the kind of shit I hate. As far as I can determine the vast majority of the free world is applauding President Biden’s making a surprise visit to Ukraine. Not Ron DeSantis. He is saying that, by going, Biden is neglecting domestic problems.

Think about how stupid DeSantis is being. Does he think Biden took all of Washington with him? Does he think Biden is totally out of contact with what is going on elsewhere in the government. This is just another cheap shot. It is like the neighborhood bully who asks “how much is 2 & 2?” and when the answer is 4 he says “no stupid it is 22”. When the answer given is “22”, the bully says “no stupid, everyone knows it is 4”.

Our country must start thinking on a bi-partisan basis. We will remain dysfunctional until we do. Those who criticize everything the other party does are being irresponsible. Not everything that happens should be used to make political hay. We are all the victims of this kind of politics.

Oh, and by the way, DeSantis was out of Florida giving speeches in Illinois and New York and, I believe other places. Is Florida being neglected while he is gone?


We had an exhausting day, at least I did. I actually walked better but it was hotter than hell and the car we were in was not air conditioned. The native lady who booked our car and driver offered to act as our guide at no cost. This is the third time on this trip we have been so fortunate. It never happened to us before.

Had two scoops of sorbet for lunch when returned to ship. Rested for a couple of hours and went to the sailaway with a Mardi Gras theme. The music was fabulous played by the ship’s band which is very talented.

Dinner was just some cheese and crackers in the cabin.

Yesterday’s port in New Caledonia really was not much. Virtually undeveloped. All the beaches which are the main attraction were closed due to a shark attack which killed one person. Today’s port Noumea Grande Terre, is a different story. There are a lot of things to do.


You all know I think Marjorie Taylor Greene is a total lunatic. To further support my views, Greene has proposed the United States be divided into two countries. The red states and the blue states. Wonder if we will need passports to go from California to Texas?


Both Putin and Biden give major speaches today. Should be interesting to see how Putin spins what is happening in the war.


I am no particular fan of Alec Baldwin, but I am damned if I can figure out how he committed any crime. Do actors have a responsibility for check guns handed to them by the prop department?


I am really interested in the litigation against Fox News. That judgment, if obtained, is collectible and could be the demolition of that company and deservedly so as far as I am concerned.


A 23 year old Christian man decided to convert to Judaism. He decided to even get circumcised and asked a Jewish friend if it would hurt. His friend replied, “I didn’t walk for a year”.

See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan

Go Ukraine

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