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Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Last stock market trading week of the year begins today. Futures are up, and that is better than being down. However, it does not necessarily mean that is where we'll end up.


Yesterday, most of the day was spent packing and driving to Marco Island. Listened to Willie’s Roadhouse all the way over. I was pleased with my ability to lift heavy things and my stamina during the day. I did all the driving.

What I was not pleased about was my ability to drink although I recognize it is really best for me that I do not. Our group has a hospitality room where we all gather. There is a ping pong table, two televisions and every imaginable snack. We had dinner at 8 p.m. so started gathering for drinks at about 6:15. I ordered an old fashioned made with Splenda instead of syrup. I could hardly get out of my chair after one drink.

Dinner was outstanding. The Steakhouse at the Marriott is outstanding, one of the best in Florida. We eat there once more on this trip. This is our third year at this particular resort.


Bobby is still struggling. Hopefully, there will come a time when he is without pain.


Either today or tomorrow, we are getting another Covid shot. There is a CVS very close to the hotel.


The Congress has adjourned for the year so there are unlikely to be any fireworks until the beginning of the year. Then we start out with a bang as Kevin McCarthy makes his bid for Speaker. Right now, it appears he does not have the votes.


It will be warmer today than yesterday but still not beach weather. Nothing we can do about it.


Trump sent out the following text yesterday: “The J6 Committee unanimously voted to refer me to the DOJ. I did nothing wrong! FIGHT BACK!"

Keep in mind please that virtually all the testimony and other evidence gathered by the Committee came from Trump people. These witnesses were not Democrats. They were Republicans.

It may not be easy to convict Trump. There is definitely a downside in prosecuting a Former President, but we really have no choice. There cannot be two sets of laws, one for the privileged and one for everyone else. Do the crime, do the time.


Go Ukraine

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