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Tuesday, December 20, 2022

There may be a worse run drugstore someplace in this Country, but I cannot be sure. I am reasonably confident that the Walgreens at 1300 E. Hallandale Boulevard wins the gold medal. It is a gauge store.

There is one person, only sometimes available, to try to help customers, but that person has basically zero knowledge of the inventory. There is a line at the pharmacy where the wait is no less than hour. The shelves have more empty spaces than they do product. The shortest line is to pay, but standing in line to pay for the one item of many that I was looking for began to leak. I just put it down and walked out after almost an hour buying nothing.

I moved my prescriptions to Located across the street. They are great but do not carry the particular items I wanted which have a Walgreens label. I will try another Walgreens and then, if no success, will find a substitute.

How this store stays in business is a complete mystery. Now, if I wanted to buy alcohol, the liquor store runs smoothly but is overpriced.


Those who follow my musings regularly know that I write practically nothing about immigration and, particularly, the problems on our southern borders. I also do not write about the “dreamers” but I am 100% in their favor and rooting for them.

My reasoning is manifold. First, immigration is a very complex issue about which I do not feel I have sufficient grasp to start opining off the seat of my pants. That does not mean my head is totally empty on the subject, but my views are macro in nature and of no real significance.

First, I do not believe in what Republicans call “open borders”.I know no one who does and it would take a total moron to support the principle that anyone and everyone can leave wherever they live and move to the United States. That is absurd.

However, what is not absurd is the adoption of the principle that immigration is a problem that Has to be colorblind. It is not a red or a blue problem. It should not be a political football. The entire country has to be United and work together to work toward a solution. It will take time and cannot be done with a snap of the fingers. When Pearl Harbor was bombed, the Republicans did not tell FDR, “Hey buddy, you got a problem”. Yes, there were differences of opinion, but almost everyone banded together to work toward resolution.

Until the forgoing approach is taken with respect to immigration, until we go back to embracing the concepts which led to the founding of our country, we are pissing in the wind.


I watched the hearing. Thought it was done well. There is no question in my mind that Donald Trump broke multiple laws. Offer any excuses that come to mind, but they are almost entirely without merit or totally without merit.

I would be very worried if I were Trump. Of course, he will never admit that, perhaps, he made some mistakes, or could have handled things better. He has never admitted he was anything but perfect in everything he said or did, and he will never change. His accusers will all be called frauds. It will be the biggest witch hunt in history and he deserves a medal not incarceration.

He still thinks he can get elected again. ——————————-

Flowers and other gifts can be sent to me at my office in honor of the fact that yesterday, actually last night at 7:12, I received the following:

CONGRATULATIONS!! You are the DECEMBER Trump Patriot of the Month! Pres. Trump INDIVIDUALLY SELECTED YOU. Celebrate!

Amazing, that Trump had time to cull through what was, presumably, a long list of candidates before I was chosen. I must have been a runaway winner because December is only a little more than a half a month gone.

I am waiting for my trophy or whatever I receive. I know exactly where it will go—-right next to the Oscar I expect to receive at the next Academy Awards for my stellar performance as a husband, father, grandfather and friend.


Have a doctor’s checkup this morning at 9 a.m. Expect to learn I am doing well. Obviously, we have a lot to do. The annual Boies/Miller family “Christmas Trip” (this is, I think our 34th), begins next Monday. We host everyone Christmas Eve at our house. The Boies family has Christmas Day. Before that four of our bags for cruise are being picked up tomorrow at 1:00 p.m.

I need to arrange to have our house tented. One would think it is easy to get companies interested in what is a non-trivial amount of business, but it is not. Finally received a response several hours after calling and, hopefully, someone is coming out this afternoon to give me an estimate.

We have three more birthdays upon us. Two grandchildren and daughter Beth tomorrow. I cannot tell her age. I am sure and she is too busy for a birthday dinner, but I am taking her to Joe’s for lunch on Friday.

Last thing I will talk about is the fact that my car lease and Barbara’s car lease have expired. We have so few miles on our cars that there is a great deal of value in them. So, we are buying them. The car agency is insisting that I bring both cars to the dealership so they can read the odometer. That makes no sense to me so I started the appellate process.

The dealership wants to see the cars to read the odometers. I said I would send a picture. They said they needed to see the cars to be sure the odometers had not been fiddled with. I suggested it was easier for them to send someone to my house to do whatever they needed to do, than for me and someone else having to take three hours, give or take going to the dealership. Interestingly, they will take a personal check. The issue is under advisement by the Manager. Stay tuned,


As I write this, I have on the television. Fox News was talking about Hunter Biden. Just amazing that, for the first time in history, it has been recommended that a former President committed serious crimes, and that was not important enough to warrant any meaningful coverage. Amazing.


Go Ukraine.

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