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Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Am I the only one bothered by Trump’s continuing to refer to President Biden as “Crooked Joe”! I mean Biden is the President. There is no evidence he has done anything crooked, but, more than that Trump makes himself look like a bigger fool. How can such juvenile, disrespectful behavior enhance Trump’s image.?

Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Yet, every time Trump opens his mouth he says something wrong/vicious/unbecoming or just plain outrageous.


Republicans appear to be shocked that Mike Pence has turned on Trump, and will, apparently, be a key witness. My question is “what took Pence$ so long£?” Really, to say Trump threw Pence under the bus is a gross understatement. The quality of witnesses varies greatly from horrible to outstanding. My prediction is that Pence will be highly credible and be an excellent witness. His demeanor is good, and, remember,one one’s learns to fake sincerity they have it made,


Trump playing games and has caused all kinds of legal tumult. Judge will hold a hearing sometime on Friday. My crystal ball is broken, but I predict Trump’s mediocre legal team will get their asses handed to them.


I have not done the research, but Trump has repeatedly said he is going to move to recuse the Washington Judge. When? If a litigant thinks he or she has a basis for recusal, they cannot just sit on the issue. At some point, they are estopped from filing the motion.


Judge Cannon is at it again. She is so far over her head that, at some point, the Government will move to recuse her.


Marlins continue to stink it up.


The Republicans are trying another fast one in Ohio. If they win the upcoming special election, the vote of 40% of the electorate will prevail. Over 600 000 Ohioans have early voted. Make no mistake, this is the anti-abortionists trying to avoid losing on abortion in the next election.


Many of my friends have taken serious falls. I will not even try to use steps when I cannot hang on. There are four steps at the front of our house. One step is very steep and we are building a bannister. I was always hoping to grow old, but I did not know it would happen so fast.


Of all the MSNBC commentators, my favorite is Lawrene O’Donnell. It is not a close call.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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