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Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Governor Kemp’s effort to avoid testifying before the Grand Jury has been denied. However, it has been put off until after the upcoming November election.

All the regular “talking heads” covered this issue yesterday, but I did not see any coverage that was anything more than superficial. All, even the most experienced commentators and panelists, looking for discussion points never drilled down on the issue.

Here are some points that could have been discussed:

1. The ruling Judge had full discretion and would not have been clearly wrong whatever the ruling.

2. Did Kemp make any deals with the Court such as agreeing that after the election, he would appear without further pursuing his motion to quash?

3. Does Kemp still have the right to invoke his 5th amendment rights?

4. Were I the Judge, I would at least explore a quid pro quo of some kind from Kemp in return for not a total victory for Kemp but a satisfactory result nonetheless.


After further deliberation, I do not think Trump’s motion to appoint a special master should be granted.


Lindsey Graham manages to say one irresponsible thing after another. I have a lot of friends in South Carolina and there was a time I was up there quite frequently, attending great football games in Columbia, eating some of the best barbecue anywhere, and hanging out with a lot of the lawyers and the political honchos who attended all kinds of Bar Conventions and just hung out.

Some of the smartest, savviest lawyers I have run across were practicing throughout the State. One phrase that used to scare the shit out of me was, “”I'm just a country lawyer”. Time to run for the hills when you hear that.

Anyway. Back to my point. How Lindsey Graham has gotten to where he is and stayed there is a mystery to me. He just is not that smart, nor do I see him as entrenched with his constituents as others who preceded him. I did not like Strom Thurmond’s politics or even the horse he rode in on. However, I watched him shake hands with hundreds of lawyers, call them by name, and do not think I ever met a South Carolinian who did not recite some favor Thurmond did him or her. Talk about grassroots politics, Thurmond was a master and Graham cannot carry his briefcase.


Some takes on South Carolina:

There was another guy in South Carolina I used to have a close relationship with. Have lost touch with a guy named Alex Sanders, but he was one smart cookie and a great speaker. I loved spending time with him.

Alex was, among other things, a judge and college President, and taught law. I can still remember some of his stories decades after hearing them for the first time. Alex could get anyone who listened to him closely to start thinking about certain things from a totally different perspective.


I had a whole lot of fun attending South Carolina football games and hanging out with guys like Harvey Golden and Kenny Lester. They both helped me out on a number of occasions when I needed someone really good whom I could trust.

I mourned when Lever’s Barbecue closed.


Can you believe that Trump is still insisting he won the election in 2020. The man is truly delusional.

Pretty much decided that, despite obvious downsides, the book has to be thrown at Trump. He needs to be punished for his wrongdoings just like everyone else.


I do not like Nikki Haley either.


Went to Marlin game with son Steven. We lost in 10 innings. Had multiple chances to win and blew them all..


Why are Dolphin fans not hearing more about Waddle? He has yet to suit up.


Serena lives to play another day. Yeah!

Looked a futures at about 5 a.m. and finally saw some green arrows.


I take Barbara on Thursday to get her cast reduced in size, hopefully.


Need a new major part for my wine cooler at home. It is very expensive to keep this place up.

Still waiting for the generator to be installed.


Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depended upon it.

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