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Tuesday, August 3, 2023

Well, well, well, three holes in the ground. Clarence Thomas has recused himself in a case involving John Eastman who served as one of his clerks.


Trump is on trial in New York. It is a bench trial. There is no jury. There is no possibility of not being able to reach a verdict because of a holdout. The entire decision will be left to the judge.

Given these facts, how smart is it that Trump insult the person who has the power to make a decision that could financially ruin Trump and his family? The judge has broad discretion. Given the findings in the order granting summary judgment, whatever the judge decides the chances of overruling the trial judge are not great. The trial judge is a 300 pound gorilla.

It is one thing to grandstand to his cult followers when they can help him, presumably, win the election. However, in this case, no one can help him. It is all in the hands of the judge. Unless the lawyers screw things up, an unlikely possibility given the facts, Trump is just digging himself into a deeper and deeper hole. It couldn’t be more deserved.


The Democrats must flood our military bases starting right now. This includes our military bases all over the world, not just the United States. The Republicans must be blamed, not just Tuberville, for the facts that all promotions are frozen,, money is lost that cannot be reclaimed, and families are in total limbo. Get all the military personnel to register democratic and assist in every possible way to get the vote out. Do it NOW in the midst of the chaos.

Remember all the shows Bob Hope and other entertainers put on during the various wars? The democrats could borrow from that concept. Can you imagine if Taylor Swift would do a few shows at large military bases? The enlisted men and women would follow her anywhere. Get the current version of the Glenn Miller Band, maybe Lady Gaga would do a few shows.


Gaetz has now filed his motion to vacate. There is a price for almost everything, but unless the democrats can extract a huge pro quo, I would not come to McCarthy’s rescue. He cannot be trusted so arrivederci.

It is unclear as to when the vote will be, and, of course, there can be multiple votes. Neither McCarthy nor Gaetz are worth a damn. —————————-

Another baseball manager bites the dust. Phil Nevin will not be returning to the L.A Angels.


One of my favorite singers, Ronnie Milsap, is giving his last concert this week. If you are not familiar with him, go on YouTube and listen for 30 minutes.


The Marlins are huge underdogs against the Phillies. However, anything can happen in a best of three game series, so I would not write off the Marlins, Arraez is back andthe bullpen has been pitching well.


My Wife is spending entire days and a good part of her nights trying to save our democracy. It is amazing to me how many people I thought were smart just do not care. It happened in Nazi Germany, and it could happen here. Wake up people.


Can’t someone beat Rand Paul and Ted Cruz? Those are two bad and dangerous dudes.


Some Republicans seem to be hitching their star to Haley. However, just scratch the surface a little and you will find she is no better than the others. There have to be some moderate Republicans somewhere.


The only way to assure that Trump is not elected is to put him in jail.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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