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Tuesday, August 29, 2023

There is no joy in Mudville. March 4, 2024 for Trump’s trial in Washington. That is a great result for the government and a disastrous one for Trump. Any trial date can be moved, but I would not bet this case will be moved. I believe I predicted March or April so maybe my crystal ball is working. Where I really need it is at the crap table.

Obviously, I was not in the courtroom, but based upon all accounts, Trump’s lawyers could not have handled things worse. When Judge Chutkan asked him for a reasonable alternative, Trump’s lawyers refused and would not budge off a 2026 trial date.

As either Socrates or Aristotle wrote, clients who are schmucks often retain lawyers who are schmucks. This looks like a perfect match.


These are certainly interesting times and will continue to be. For virtually his whole life Donald Trump acted as if the rule of law did not apply to him. It took decades, but I think Mr. Trump is going to get his comeuppance.


Who from the Trump legal team, if anyone, was in the courtroom at the Meadows’ hearing?

I thought the coverage of that hearing by CNBC was mediocre at best even though their legal experts are very smart. Most everyone knows that if any of the Georgia cases are removed to Federal Court, the jury pool is more favorable to the defendant, there will be no cameras in the courtroom, and a pardon of a convicted defendant is possible. However, there are a lot of other issues of significance that have not even been touched upon.

What judge hears the case if it is removed? How fast will the trial be set? If more than one defendant’s case is removed, are those cases severed or heard together? If Meadows loses the motion, should the other defendants seeking removal proceed with their motions or will they conclude Meadows’ case was the strongest and if he lost, we are wasting time and money trying to remove? Will the testimony at the Meadows hearing be made public?

Meadows’ defense seems to be “I was only following orders”. That did not fly at Nuremberg, and it should not fly in Atlanta.


Jordan is just a little more qualified than a hamster to be Chair of the House Judiciary Committee. He really is a disgrace and wasting millions of dollars jousting at windmills instead of addressing real issues.


Meanwhile Tuberville and Paul roll merrily along and we hardly see the name Clarence Thomas. Remember that hamster? The American public span of attention is about the same as a very intelligent hamster.


Here is my latest plan to guarantee I hear from each of my grandchildren. I write quite a generous check to each of them for their birthdays. From now on, I am going to forget to sign those checks and that will guarantee me that I will hear from them with a few days.


Rest in peace Gary Silverman.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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