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Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Everyone regardless of their political party affiliation, every American, should realize that our Congress is on an extended holiday, and that, when they return, they have only 12 days to once again stop us from going into default. This behavior is irresponsible no matter how you slice it if these people were working almost anywhere else, they would be denied vacation leave until they got their urgent task completed, and they would be fired if they walked off the job.


There are five military bases in Alabama. Senator Tuberville has single handedly stopped all military promotions and put the country in some non quantifiable amount of peril. If Trump were President and the recalcitrant Senator were a Democrat, Trump would clear down these bases and cause as much chaos in Alabama as he could, legal or not.

Biden will not play that kind of hardball because too many innocent others would suffer a significant financial loss. Okay, I see both sides and respect Biden’s not causing the inevitable indirect damage. However, there have to be screws Biden can turn that will cause Tuberville’s constituents to tell their Senator ‘enough, if you want out vote in the future, take your foot off the pedal”.

Additional the Democrats should have already started a major television campaign screaming about what Tuberville is doing and blaming the Republicans for what is happening. There just has to be a few aggressive bones in Biden’s body.


Tough loss for the Marlins last night but nice social evening with the Starks.


Granddaughter Kasey, just entering Ft. Lauderdale High, put her heart and soul trying out yesterday for the volleyball team. Unlikely a Freshmen can make any team but we have our fingers crossed she might make the junior varsity. Stay tuned probably until Friday.

Over about 58 years of practice, I have handled virtually every problem of my clients successfully. However, when it comes to our children and grandchildren, I just hate it when they encounter disappointments.


Depositions morning and afternoon so will not get a chance to keep up with current events


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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