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Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Maybe many trial lawyers have done this, but yesterday, on MSNBC, I heard a seasoned ex-prosecutor say he used to do what I have always tried to do but that seldom other lawyers do. That is, at the beginning of most every case, open a cross-examination and sanction sub-file and as things occur that may be useful somewhere down the road, maybe several years down the road, throw a note or other documentation in the file.

Federal Judges who have life tenure are not nearly as concerned about their popularity as State Judges who often have to run fo re-election. Federal Judges, as a general rule, will not tolerate a lot of bullshit. The are much faster to sanction litigants and lawyers than State Judges.

Almost never will one or two things lead to meaningful sanctions, but cumulatively, dozens of vexatious acts might get a Judge in State Court to act.

Tanya Tucker and Patty Loveless finally made it to the Country Music Hall of Fame. It is about time. Still, there are literally dozens of household names, truly great talents, still waiting to get it. —————————- Literally for the entire day, all I saw on MSNBC were images of Donald Trump. It was like there was nothing else in the entire world that was news worthy. Enough already. It is ridiculous to give this much time to an upcoming hearing where the man will plead “not guilty”. Holy smokes. Talk about trying to make gold out of straw. Virtually every word spoken was nothing more than pure speculation. Boo, boo, boo. ————————- Nice dinner at Keller’s with friend Steve. Gave Barbara night off from eating. ————————— Will not be able to offer and comment on actual indictment until,tomorrow because already 9:30 p.m for me and I will be at a feather ball (asleep) by the time of the hearing. Actually,I am as interested in whether there will be a gag order as I am in the substance of this particular indictment. The much more serious indictments are almost certainly on the way. ———————— See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan. —————————— Go Ukraine

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