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Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Hopefully there will be enough sane Republicans to vote for raising the debt ceiling without holding the Biden Administration hostage. Among other things, the lunatic fringe, and scarily this includes Speaker McCarthy, wants to claw back many of the funds allocated to help the middle class.

I know Tucker Carlson’s firing is a much sexier story. Clarence Thomas is nothing more than an abomination, and lots of other current events are more interesting to those even taking the time to think about something more than what they will eat and drink next, how they can accumulate more when they cannot spend close to what they already have, and how they can further pleasure themselves without helping those in need, but folks, everything can go down the tube if we default on our debt.

The raising of the debt ceiling is as serious an issue as any other. Start paying attention. Write and call your Republican Congressperson. Remind them that the money needed is to pay bills already incurred. The Democrats did it for Trump, who spent like a drunken sailor, many times.

This is not an issue to fool around with. There is already so little governing by the Republican controlled House that it would be laughable if it were not so serious. Does Hunter Biden really matter? Can’t Jim Jordan find something better to do than interfere with the New York State Attorney. It is time that serious people address a serious issues and to forget petty grievances.

How many people have to needlessly die because, at any time, another nut buys a gun and kills someone who cooked his three minute eggs for four minutes or heard voices telling him to kill everyone he sees wearing a green sweater? Ares hat? Maybe, but leave the green sweaters alone. ———————- President Biden has now formally announced he is running for re-election. I am very happy about this, and knowing what I do about the world, I think many more people are happy as well.

Joe Biden is not perfect. Do you know anyone who is? Every human being is flawed, but I think Biden is the right person to be President more than anyone else. Disagree with him on issues, point out that he is not the world’s greatest orator or as charismatic as some others. Okay, but….

Biden is a decent man, moral and with a soul. He cares about everyone regardless of. Religion, skin color, sexual preference or, yes, even their politics. He is not power hungry. His decisions are not based upon what is best for him and his cronies. If he holds grudges, he hides it well.

The President has accomplished some remarkable things in the first years of his administration, and he has done so with zero help from the Republicans who care more about making him look bad than about trying to help solve America’s problems. The Republicans should be ashamed of themselves because they only care about themselves. They do not deserve to have been elected because they do not vote as the majority of their constituents want. They have no soul because they sold it. They have killed the two party system.

We are not the white Christian, heterosexual society so many Republicans want. We need Joe Biden for four more years for many reasons, but no reason is more important than the fact that we need four more years to purge our Federal Judicial Systems of right wing conservatives, many of whom lied and cheated to attain their high position and then failed to provide a level playing field to those unfortunate and naive enough to think justice will be dispensed in our courts.our Constitution has been tortured by McConnell and Trump. This is simplistic, and I do not pretend to be a scholar, but remember when a unanimous Supreme Court found that separate but equal schools were constitutional? Then, in 1950, in Brown, a unanimous Court found the exact opposite? The Constitution did not change by even one word. The interpretation changed. We need to go back and have judges who interpret the Constitution in a reasonable and sane manner and Biden will get that done. However, to do so, the voters in America have to throw out the lunatics and elect candidates who believe in our Democracy, in a representative form of government. ————————- Happy Anniversary to son Charles and Cindy. ————————- Sorry to see Harry Belafonte died at 96. I used to think that was old. He was never my favorite entertainer, but I had great respect for the way he lived his life. ————————— Had relaxing day hanging around the lodge. Even had a massage. Today early morning boat ride and-then long trip back to Capetown to meet the ship. Barbara took the boat ride twice and I did it once so think we just meet the group for breakfast. Not a slenderizing trip by any means. ——————— Another early night which is good for many reasons including the market is down about 300 and I hate seeing reminders flash across my phone. I do, however, have one final thought. I often make the following points: 1. I think “blame” is a waste of time and energy. Most of the time I do not care about who is to blame. I just want to get whatever needs fixing fixed, address what happened, in other words, and try not to let it happen again. 2 it is not important to be right, it is important to get it right. 3. Being right is often overrated. This is particularly true in most marriages, but also true in many other relationships and walks of life. However, and this happened just a couple of nights ago teaching me that what I try to convey to others is not always so easy to embrace personally.

We were at dinner with everyone on our safari. I like many of the people and might like more if I knew them better. On the other hand, for many reasons, it is doubtful I will ever see or meet up with any of these people again unless it is on another cruise, and we have none planned. This fact will not break my heart and I am sure the other people feel the same about Barbara and me. Among other things, we are much older and much different even though some are actually liberal Democrats so it is not just a political thing.

In any event, I dinner I made a comment about something and the man sitting across from me immediately told me I was dead wrong and that if I had done x as he has done, I would know I was wrong and he was right. I took out my phone and checked out the issue from multiple sources. I was right, clearly right without any question. I showed what I read to Barbara and she vehemently objected to my showing the proof and proving I was right and he was wrong. Barbara cared more her way than I did mine, at least then, so I said nothing.

I still have said nothing. Nonetheless, it has not been easy. I was right and I really want this guy to know it particularly because he was so damn smug and certain I did not know what I was talking about.

The whole thing is totally inconsequential and the odds are I will never confront this guy. Still, I have thought about what happened enough to write about it, so I learned that it is not easy to accept that being right is sometimes overrated. ———————— See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan. ————————- Go Ukraine

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