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Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Most people who do not live on the moon know that Florida’s Governor DeSantis and Disney are fighting The primary, maybe the sole reason for the dispute is that Disney had, in DeSantis’ view, the audacity to take issue with the Governor’s “don’t say ‘gay’ mandate”. I applaud Disney for their position.

However, I do not applaud the manner the Company has gone about trying to prevail in this fight. It seems to me that, with all its resources, Disney can do much better. Just start with the thousands directly employed by Disney. Then, add the many more thousands financially dependent in some significant manner upon Disney. A good analogy is to look at what happens if airline pilots strike. Airports close. Everyone who works in the airport cannot work from the shoe shine person to the clerks the stores, the wait persons in the restaurants etc. The people who sell the food to the eating establishments, the parking lots, the taxi drivers and so forth. In other words, the ripple effect of an event which, at first glance may appear to be relatively minor is humungous, and we have not even mentioned the effect on the airlines and thousands of passengers that are dependent on traveling for their livelihood or to be with family. Disney needs to spread the word. They can start with their own employees and suppliers, and, in no uncertain terms, explain how DeSantis is trying to do significant economic damage to each of them. Sure, not everyone will go along. The red neck anti-gay, marriage can only be between a man and a woman Bible thumpers will still vote for neo-Nazi DeSantis. However, the vast majority of Americans still want to play the game of life somewhere on or near the middle of the field, and not in either end zone. Disney has to mobilize these people and give DeSantis the all consuming fight of his life. It can be done, I promise. ——————— I had a dream: Barbara and I have been on this trip of a lifetime since January 6. During our cruise, I have had the opportunity to interact with, talk to, break bread with, and observed hundreds of passengers and members of the crew. The passengers comes from dozens of different countries, their ages range from quite young to almost 90. Although there is no way to know their net worth or income nor know very much about how they achieved the success the have, I have learned enough to conclude that the vast majority were very good and very successful at what they they have done.

I have had similar interaction with members of the crew all the way from the housekeeping staff, the food and beverage staff, and many departments including the senior officers—-two Captains, two Hotel Directors, the head of Guest Services, Food and Beverage, the assistant Cruise Director, the entertainers, and, of course, our inimitable Cruise Director Ross Roberts whom I have written about several times.

Many of the passengers and crew are fluent is multiple languages, some half a dozen or more. They are well travelled beyond anything you stay at homes can imagine. The level of sophistication, both the passengers and the crew is really higher than most can imagine. Many of the crew has already left the ship due to their contracts expiring. Many others will be leaving when we get to Capetown very soon. I am beginning to say my goodbyes and thank you to many for whom I have both great respect and affection.

My dream is that a genie come along and switched the passengers and the crew——not permanently, but long enough to see how our affluent passengers handle being members of the crews, and how the crew members handle the affluence of the passengers.

If I were running a major company, there are literally dozens of crew members I would snap up in a New York second. They are truly extraordinary human beings with skill sets so good, they could succeed beyond what most can even begin to imagine.

Another unique individual we just met and for only a few days, is Walter, the guide we had on our first safari in Tanzania. I will write much more about him. I start with the mind boggling fact that he has climbed Kilimanjaro to the top 70 times. ——————- Oh where oh where has integrity gone? Oh where oh where can it be With Greene’s hair cut long and Santos’ hair cut short Oh where, oh where can it be? Oh where of where have Republican brains gone? Oh whreor where can they be? With Jordan and idiot and Trump a crook Oh where, oh where can they be? Oh where or where has Democracy gone? Oh where oh where can it be? With Republicans not caring what their constituents want Oh where, oh where can it be? The answer is in the hands of the decent people still left who want reasonable abortion laws, reasonable gun control and politicians from all parties to work together to solve our mutual problems together. P.S. And Clarence Thomas MUST GO! ————————- Since I am in a nursery rhyme frame of mind, a childhood question came to mind, to wit: “ why does a chicken cross the road?” To get to the other side. Then, when my humor became more risqué, the question became “why does a dog lick his balls?” Because he can.

Now my question is ”why does 84 year old who have no business with a gun, shoot an innocent Black kid?”. “Why does a man shoot a woman for pulling into his driveway?” “Why can any lunatic or anyone not in the military or police need an automatic weapon ?” Because we have gone mad as hatters and the patients are in charge of the asylums. ————————- I pause here to go to dinner my Tuesday night. The Dominion v Fox trial is about to begin. I have to short observations as follows:

1. It is significant to me that the lawyers are both sides have been totally silent. No interviews, no chest pounding or press conference of any kind. I expect the Judge entered the orders necessary to make everyone behave,but not even a surrogate has issued a peep. 2. Although,in my heart, I want a trial and I want Fox annihilated,a settlement does avoid all appeals. Given that I have lost trust in our appellate courts, a settlement is better. I just got back to cabin and learned case just settled. That is all I know as I post this. ———————— Dinner with two other couples without Barbara was a mixed bag. However, it is best that I say no more. The show by our assistant cruise director Ian Benjamin was excellent. Barbara did attend. I think Billy Joel’s “New York State of Mind” may be as good a composition as written since that song was written. ———————— Learned just a few hours ago to Donn Fullenweider died. He was probably the best family law lawyer Texas has ever produced. Ethical, a true gentlemen and great dinner company. One of funniest lines that another legend, New York’s Sandy Dranoff ever quipped was when Donn got divorced in Texas, a community property State. Sandy asked Donn if he had to give his Wife one of the “n’s” in his first name ————————— See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan. ———————- Go Ukraine

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