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Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Justin Jones did not lose a day after being expelled from the Tennessee Legislature. He was reinstated yesterday, and what is really terrific, the vote was unanimous. Yeah!

One more to go and that should happen in a day or two. This gives one hope that democracy is not totally dead.

However, the Republican Speaker of the Tennessee House is fast becoming a medal contender for the super schmuck Olympics. He is now threatening with withhold funding to the districts who have or will vote to reseat the expelled Black legislators.

The good news is that he has helped these two young articulate men to become superstars over night. I want to go back to the coverage of this story. I do not think nearly enough emphasis has been put on the fact that the vote in Nashville to reinstate was 36 to 0. Not one dissent. That fact represents a huge patch of blue to me even if not to all the talking heads on television.


I am reminded of the quip from the newlywed bride who honeymooned in the Seychelles. When asked to describe her honeymoon, she said “up and down, in and out, up and down in and out. Don’t ever get a room near an elevator”.


See Marlins lost a squeaker to the Phillies 15-3 giving up 20 hits. It was 14 -0 before Marlins rallied to score three runs. Geez!

Meanwhile the Rays are 10-0. When I saw they scored only one run against the Red Sox, I figured the streak was over, However, the Red Sox scored no runs. Keeping a long win streak alive with a 1-0 shutout had to be really exciting. No score in that game until Rays scored in 8th


I do not normally brag, and do not get me wrong, I loved Michael Moore’s open letter to Trump and shared it. However, Moore’s analogy to how they got Al Capone is something I wrote several days ago. Maybe Moore reads my posts but remains anonymous.


What is the shelf live of the abortion pill? Start buying people. When I get to Italy, I will find out if drug available.


What are my friends in North Carolina thinking? The Legislature overrode the Governor’s veto and now your dog can buy a gun in North Carolina. This really is lunacy.


This struck me as a little strange. A group of retired judges in California had their age bias suit tossed out because they did not first outline their claims with the Golden State’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing as is required by the law. Speaking for a friend, if the judges do not know the law, a basic principle, is it not difficult to have faith in the judiciary system?


In a not dissimilar vein the 9th Circuit has chastised an Arizona district jurist for his frequent use of boilerplate to ”rubber stamp” magistrate judges’ reports, especially after the circuit court admonished him not to adopt such reports without addressing all objections. Lots of strange things happening Arizona. I guess Texas, Florida, Tennessee, Kentucky, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi, among others are not the only lunatic States. Of course, cannot forget Idaho now, but I tend to forget places that have more cows than people.


Passed on formal night and one fancy reception. Did have high tea with a very nice couple who unfortunately, are getting off the ship in Zanzibar. Man was a world class cricket player for 15 years, now writes books on all kinds of subjects and has been a lecturer on our ship.

His Wife is very smart and nice. She joined our trivial pursuit team for a while. They presently live in Fremantle, Australia, and New Zealand. Could learn a lot if had the chance.

Of course, most educated people from other civilized countries keep asking us what is going on in America. All these mass shootings really boggle their minds. Issues like abortion most regard as a different kind of issue, but what is going on, or really not going on to stop weapons of war from being accessible to anyone, is a different story. They just think we are nuts and keep asking why everyone with a brain is not moving somewhere else.


Chicago will be hosting the 2024 Democratic Convention. Great city and great place for the convention. Make you reservation now at Gene and Georgetti’s.


Anyone who listened to the press conference from Louisville should have been impressed. State May be full of right wing hillbillies but these people were not among them.


Where is Michael Douglas when we need him? Remember “The American President?” If I have to go door to door, I am going to get the guns.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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