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Travel Diary: Oceania

Friday March 8, 2019

Highlight was the high end wine and food tasting The wines were 2005 Cristal, 2010 Opus 1, 2008 Solaia, 2006 Pichon, 2014 Insignia. The champagne was great. The Insignia was not ready to drink. The other wines were very good, but the 2006 Pichon did not compare to the 90 Pichon were brought on board. One passenger brought a bottle of Overture, the second wine of Opus 1. It was good. I did not even know they made a second wine. It does not have a year, and is different each year. When I checked with my local wine guy, he had it at $120 bottle so still not cheap, The food served to match the wine was very good and included a duck leg with sun dried tomato, a cheddar and swiss cheese truffle, prime rib with a cranberry sauce, veal meatballs, and braised beef. Since BGM does not eat meat, I had more than enough.

Our friend Jack Siegel sat in with the band for the 5:15 set so we went to hear him play. As previously mentioned, he is a professional trumpet player. The band is very good, but it is surprising that it does not include a trumpet.

We then had a couple celebrating their 34 anniversary to our cabin for a celebratory glass of champagne. Served Ruinart Rose. Then they went to dinner, and I went up to The Terrace to meet Paul and Pat Farren for what was, for me, a light dinner,

Had second thoughts about whether to spend the entire next day at The Great Barrier Reef, but it was too late to turn in the tickets and, since there was no waiting list, we will be going. Tour too expensive too eat ($409 per person)

Gym was not a busy as the day before so did not have to wait.

Reading this, it appears that, other than the wine tasting, it was not much a day, but somehow it was a busy day and very enjoyable. BGM did het to yoga but late because she hung around the wine tasting to talk to people. Casino still closed so no poker tournament. Somehow, however, there is never a boring moment. There are really some outstanding and interesting people on the ship, and, if one takes the time to strike up a conversation, it is almost always worthwhile. Most everyone is thrilled with the cruise, but that it should not be surprising that sailing around the world on a very nice ship with lots of activities going on every day and excellent food, puts almost everyone in a very good mood.

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