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To Subscribers:

More than 90 friends, family and fans of Jim have subscribed to receive his blog posts, but something went awry and you haven't been receiving them. Hopefully, that has now been fixed and you'll see new posts regularly unless you unsubscribe.

Jim posts on Facebook daily -- sometimes twice or more the same day -- and I, Barbara's cousin and Jim's Website Genie, cut and paste the posts to the website's Blog "Daily Musings" category, usually sometime the same day. Also on the Blog are his Stories, Articles, and Travel Diaries. The website also has pages under construction for some of his Favorite Music Videos, and (someday) Podcasts.

You can read and comment on his Daily Musings on Facebook or the website, whichever you prefer, and Jim will be notified. Some of the other posts and materials appear only on the website. If you have any questions, reply to this post in the "Comments" section.

Carol Liege, Jim's Website Genie

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