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Thursday, September 7, 2023

Comments as I watched the televised court proceedings in Georgia

1. Surprised Willis was not present.

2. Surprised no counsel for other defendants were not present, just counsel for the two defendants asking for a speedy trial.

3. Whatever you think of Powell, she was smart enough to get capable counsel.

4. I am not surprised the motion to sever was denied.

5. The Judge did fine for someone’s who is new to the bench.


How did Willis think she was going to try 19 defendants?


I need recommendations for a very good twice a week pool service. I have used the same pool service for about 20 years, never been a day late in paying him or questioned his additional charges. The man who does the actual work just decided he does not want to work as hard and I cannot he get the owner to return my call to discuss.


Trump is liable in the second E. Jean Carroll. The trial that will take place will only deal with damages. Expect Trump to be hammered again because there is no way he will testify. I d9ubt he he will be in the courtroom.


Really fun at ballpark last night. Marlins blew out Dodgers. Bad news is two stars went on injured reserve—-Alcantara and Stoler. Both were surprises.


Company for lunch today. Trainer first and ballgame tonight. Not much baseball left, and, although I attend all Dolphin games, baseball is my favorite sport by far.


Who thinks Paxton will actually get impeached in Texas? He is one bad dude.


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