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Thursday, September 21, 2023

Listened yesterday to much of the House proceedings of Attorney General Garland. The Republican members are simply stupid thugs. They cannot even frame a question in the right way. The proceedings were truly a disgrace.

Do not forget that a government shutdown is looming. The House should be devoted almost entirely to that issue. The whole process was embarrassing.


The Senate confirmed CQ Brown as next chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The vote was 83 to 11.


Cassidy Hutchinson has written, in her new book, that Rudy Giuliani groped her. I think Rudy regards himself as “Trump Light”. If Trump can grope any woman with impunity, why cannot his acolyte? Thing is no one seems to care.

Giuliani vehemently denies the incident. Who do you believe?


Last nights Marlin loss to the Mets was probably the ugliest game of the season. Burger went out and Arreaz went was out, so surprised we were not shutout.


Almost all merchants are passing on credit card charges to the customer. I am now rarely using my credit cards, and I haveraised the issue with American Express. Why should I pay thousands a year for a credit card when the majority of benefits are neutralized? If American Express does not furnish benefits greater or equal to the cost, why pay?


A good example of McCarthy’s lack of skill is his failaure to connect the dots and plan future moves similar to a good chess player. I have been writing for at least a month that if McCarthy wants to keep his gavel, he needs the help of Democrats to replace the votes his own party refuses to give him. Then, he turns around a brings a totally baseless impeachment inquiry against Biden. Really? How can he even begin to expect help from the Democrats. The man has to choose his horse.


My non sequitur for the day: There is nothing I like about Urban Meyer. He continuously offers gratuitous opinions when no one cares what he thinks.


Last night started in my chair but spent most of night in bed. I am finally healing enough that I can lie on one side. Still bright purple but improving.


Will be home next two days trying to get house in order.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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