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Thursday, September 14, 2023

I have gone back and forth, but I now want Greene and Goetz and their cohorts to take McCarthy’s speakership. He does not deserve to be Speaker.

He is such a wimp that he would not let his own delegation vote on impeachment. Anyone with half a brain knows there is not enough, not any evidence that rises to high crimes and misdemeanors.


Great game that Marlins won 2–0.

I don’t think we have a pitcher for today’s game.

Whether we make the playoffs or not, it is hard to bet against the Braves.


Actually sorry to see Romney to decide not to run for a second term. He has been, for the most part, an oasis of sanity in a desert of insanity.


Judge Cannon finally entered her discovery order. This was a standard order so nothing remarkable. However, it took her a month longer than it should have.


I am improving from my fall, but it will be a minimum of three days before I can leave the house. The right side of my body is the color purple.

Still sleeping in a chair.

Barbara is taking very good care of me. I can see why those not fortunate enough to have a spouse or significant other devoted to you just decide to chuck it.

Ironic, that with the hundreds of divorces I j have handled, and all the, by most standards, bad marriages I have seen where parties stayed together, many of the couples we were friends with 50 or more years ago, are still together, and taking care of each other ————————————

Tuberville is really pissing me off.


If we were in Russia, Tuberville, Goetz, Greene, McCarthy and others would either be in jail or be taken on a plane ride.


Lots supposed to happen at our house today, but I am getting used to being disappointed. People make appointments and then just do not show up. Some call, some do not.


As I understand the briefing schedule set by the 11th Circuit, Meadows appeal could be decided by the end of this month.


Button up everybody, not sure we can avoid an automobile strike, and, whereas before I always thought eventually a deal would be made and a shutdown avoided, my money is on “shutdown” this time. Too many kamikazes out there who do not care about our country’s welfare.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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