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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Spent all Wednesday morning and part of the afternoon in Temple. First time I have worn real shoes since I broke my leg is March.

It was a very nice service. I liked what I saw of our new Rabbi even though I have shoes older than he is. The music at our services is exceptional. I look at the wall that has pictures of the Past Presidents. I served from 1976 to 1978. ——————————— We intended to have a small break-the-fast with essentially just our immediate family. However, it grew and then grew some more, so although there were not nearly as many people as in past years, we had about six more than originally anticipated. Once again, Barbara did an unbelievable job. —————————— Trump suffered another setback in the 11th Circuit which has now granted DOJ’s request to expedite the Mar-a-Lago case. Once again the Court disagreed with Judge Cannon. ——————————— I am really unhappy that Musk is going to buy Twitter. He will reinstate Trump's right to spew his nonsense. Of course, if Trump is in jail where he belongs, the issue is moot. ————————— I would not believe Herschel Walker if he told me the day of the week. And I would not accept his calendar. The whole situation in Georgia makes little sense. Here is a Hobson’s Choice. Who is worse, Walker or Marjorie Taylor Greene?

Remember the Al Franken situation? His own party, ridiculously, made him resign for something almost totally benign. The Republicans, on the other hand, are rallying around Walker. I will contribute to a vasectomy for that man. He is entitled to no more. —————————— Sorry I am late but I did not have a lot to write about and then I slept late. Checking to see if anything of note happened. Unfortunately, very unfortunately, I learned that a Federal Court found the DACA Program illegal. We are losing our humanity. —————————- Euro is $.99 to the dollar. Futures down . —————————- One thing that I think requires clarification.

I saw some headlines that seemed to imply that when Trump filed his emergency appeal to the Supreme Court he asked Justice Thomas, who set the briefing deadlines, to intervene. The implication was that Trump hand-picked the previously Trump-friendly Thomas to get involved. That is not true.

Each Circuit Court of Appeals has a Supreme Court Justice assigned to it as a kind of liaison or overseer. Thomas has the 11th Circuit and Florida is in the 11th Circuit. When I was active in The Florida Bar and attended Federal bar meetings, I would always see Justice Kennedy, who had the assignment at that time. We actually got to be friends at least to the extent he would greet me by name and we would often sit at the same table for lunch. ——————————- Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depended upon it.

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