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Thursday, October 5, 2023

The Marlins were never in the hunt. Two runs in two game but against great pitching, end their dream of an upset. The upcoming series between the Phillies and the Braves may have the two best teams in baseball, and be better than any World Series game.


I understand that Trump is already appealing the order granting partial summary judgment in the New York fraud case. Someone with knowledge of New York procedure will have to explain how that is possible.


So far, it is Jordan and Scalise seeking to be Speaker. I would be happier with your dog than with Jordan. The man has no socially redeeming value and gives new meaning to the word “incompetence”.


Trump has now left the trial in New York returning to Florida. I have heard no word about when he intends to return. At some point, he will, because, remember, he has said he intends to testify.


Giuliani, who do not pay his lawyers, now has no local Georgia counsel. His second lawyer is now withdrawing. Another lawyer is suing him over a $1 million legal bill.

Trump is begging for money even $1. Who gives a billionaire, flying around in his own private jet money for fees to defend 91 separate indictments? Only a cult member.

Then again, who cheers when Trump mocks Paul Pelosi? Mommy and Daddy, what did you do last night? These people have to be living under a rock.


Instead of shutting down the government, the Governors shut down. Right now, we have no House, and it unclear when we will.


The word is that it was McCarthy that was so petty, he is taking the offices of Pelosi and Hoyer. The Republicans have no interest in governing, just in getting even.


I have nothing special today. Probably will try to get fresh orange juice. Our Grandson Holden is spending time at our house and I am enjoying that.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine.

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