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Thursday, October 20, 2022

There is no truth to the rumor that Herschel Walker is dropping out of the race to spend more time with his family.


Zelenskyy on behalf of Ukraine and all other NATO leaders should do whatever they possibly can to keep the House and Senate in Democratic control. It is certain that the Republicans will not be nearly as supportive as are the Democrats.

Saudi Arabia, on the other hand, loves doing business with Trump and his family. Worship any God you wish, but I do not recommend the Lord of Coincidence. It is not an accident that oil production is being cut which raises prices which hurts the Democrats.


My Wife Barbara is as good a campaign manager as exists. She has never lost a campaign she should have won, but she has won several she was expected to lose. I never celebrate a win where her candidate is expected to get 60% or more of the vote, nor do I mourn her losing a race she had absolutely no chance of winning. There are many races where one of the candidates is simply unbeatable.

Working from home since the Pandemic, I have heard my Wife on the telephone with her candidates for many hours. I am often at part of some of her in-person meetings at our home. Most of these meetings are at the initial meeting when the candidate interviews Barbara and Barbara interviews the prospective candidate. There is often not a good fit and one or both realize it will not work.

The biggest problem is the candidate wants to be in control—-WRONG. The time for the candidate to be in control is after the election is over and they've won. The candidate really knows nothing about campaigning or comparatively nothing. Also, their egos are too involved to see the issues clearly enough.

I ran two successful races in my life -- one for the Board of Governors of The Florida Bar, and one four years later for President-Elect. I did everything I was told to do. If Barbara said try to call,4000 lawyers in Broward County, I tried. If she said visit every law firm in Tampa that will have you, that is what I did I was smart enough to know I was not smart enough to know what to do. If more candidates would put themselves in the hands of a seasoned campaign manager AND take the advice given, their results would be much better.


As most of you know, I attended the vast majority of Marlins home games and saw them and other teams on the road. Having started going to Yankee Stadium regularly in 1947, I have probably seen thousands of games. I also played some, primarily in summer camp.

Am I a baseball expert? I think I know more than the average fan but I know only a small fraction of what a professional baseball person knows. Still, even with my limited knowledge and limited ability to assess the play, even I can see watching playoff baseball that the level of play is far greater than what I saw all season from the Marlins. The tea sun the playoffs are simply better in almost every aspect of the game.


San Diego, in a really well-played fun game to watch, overcame a 4 to 0 lead and beat the Phillies 8 to 5. Not surprisingly, Verlander, even at 39 after Tommy John Surgery, was too much for the Yankees. Dusty Baker, with a minimum of fanfare, has done a great job with the Houston team that quietly won 106 games.


Did very well at doctor’s yesterday. He was very pleased with everything including 15 pound weight loss despite Bat Mitzvah weekend.


My car is being picked up early this morning so, man, a body shop can estimate cost of repair and length of time to make repairs. A lot depends on whether parts need to be ordered.


Social Security advised me I will be getting an additional $40.00 per month plus $360 for underpayment. Of course, if Republicans take control, everyone’s benefits are in jeopardy. I kid you not. Read Senator Rick Scott’s platform


Got up at 4:15 a.m. to complete this post and Barbara was already working. Politically speaking, she is not a happy camper.


Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depended upon it.

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