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Thursday, October 19, 2023

First, the god damn railing is finally installed. The installation took two men several hours.

We had one step that was significantly higher than the other three. I, and other guests needed help with that step. Falling is a curse of the octegenarian. Some dollars are better spent than others, and these were dollars well spent.


I am very close to all the Boies family, but think I have a special relationship with a Chris Boies’ daughter Carolyn who just celebrated her birthday. I thought it would be nice to wish her well in a post rather than just click on the birthday greeting. All the best young lady.


I am writing most of this on the plane from Miami to Frankfurt where we have a long layover before flying on to Florence. My Wife is already asleep.


Hopefully, Jim Jordan is done, buti expect he will go one more round.


I thought Biden and Blinken both did well in Israel. As I have said before, I really like Blinken. I like him better than Vice President Harris. He is better prepared, in my view to be President. Nonetheless, the blowback were Biden to not keep Harris most likely prevents a change. Don’t misinterpret my opinion to me I think Harris is not an exceptional public servant. She is far better than any Republican presently in public office. I do think she is far too strident and her skill set is missing a few key parts.


Looks like the first two Georgia defendants are actually going to trial.


Also looks like Trump could be in real trouble in New York. Clearly, he is not a happy camper, and things will get worse as soon as Michael Cohen gets on the stand


We landed safely in Frankfurt. It took well over an hour to get to the right place, but everyone tried very hard to accommodate us. Had I asked for a wheelchair, it would have been much faster, but I am not ready for that.


The drinks and the service were really good, but the food was inetable. I could not even cut the osso buco. I would have been happy just watching the baseball game, but the internet went out never to return.


I did better than I thought I might traveling, but it clear that, unless circumstances simply require me to travel alone, that I need to have Barbara or Beth of someone I can rely upon if I get into trouble. I ever know, when I get up, if my legs are going to let me down or not. My trainer and my Wife think it is all in my head. At least something is there.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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