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Thursday, November 24, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


If everyone shows up tonight, we will have 34 people in all. Our turkey will arrive in a few hours. We have no idea how big it is until we receive it. Last year, it was huge -- about 17 kilos.

We were hoping to have some music, but our musician friend who brought other musicians with him cannot make it. Of course, that will not stop several of our Italian guests from starting some singing.

Each year I think, “I'm not sure how many more years we can do this, particularly how many more Barbara can do." She does 90% of the work. I do the majority of the food purchasing and the logistics, but she does the cooking. The restaurant is about a 20 minute walk from our apartment but, of course, all the food and decorations are taken by van.

Before the American meal, there is a huge Italian segment with multiple antipasti and three different pastas.

Stefano and Luca always furnish a gorgeous cake. I am sure pictures will be posted.


Everyone here tuned into the World Cup. So far, there have been perhaps the two biggest upsets in history. Saudi Arabia beat Argentina and Japan beat Germany. Wow!

And Spain scores a goal humiliating Costa Rica 7 to 0. It is not a record but it is very unusual.


Another election defeat for Trump. It was close, but Lisa Murkowski, occasionally a voice of sanity who voted to impeach Trump, held on to her Senate seat. She is far better than her opponent.

Better news from Alaska is that the Democrat beat Palin for the House seat. From what I am reading, it looks like the Republicans will have no more than a four or five seat edge.


The Federal Judge has ruled that DeSantis does not have to testify at the upcoming trial involving his firing of the Hillsborough County Democratic State Attorney. He was fired for saying he had no intention of prosecuting a law DeSantis rammed through. However, the occasion never occurred.


In a HUGE victory, the Georgia Supreme Court unanimously upheld early voting this coming Saturday right after Thanksgiving. The Republicans fought like hell to try to stop it and went down in flames.


Think it is about time for the 11th Circuit to reverse Cannon. The woman should not be on the bench.


What happens if McCarthy cannot garner all the votes he needs to be Speaker? I am not sure which is the worse outcome. No matter what happens, the next two years will look like a Mafia movie.


Why are not the Republicans smart enough to realize that Trump is now a big time loser. Not only will he lose, but he will take his followers down with him.

Yesterday’s favorite text from Mudville:

'YOU’RE SELECTED! We’re saving YOU the #1 top on the ONLY Official Trump Thanksgiving Card that President Trump will see. Sign."

How can one resist?


No Hobson’s Choice today so everyone can enjoy Thanksgiving.


Today I am especially missing my parents for some reason, and wondering if my children will miss me when I'm gone.


Go Ukraine

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