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Thursday, November 10, 2022

Later today we are off for Italy. If we arrived today, rather than tomorrow, we would be greeted by a $.99 euro.


Yesterday we came very close to being the victims of a very sophisticated scam. We were called by someone who both my Wife and I thought was a very good friend who was in trouble and needed us to post a substantial bond. We agreed and talked at length with the alleged lawyer to work out the details. The dots began to disconnect and when I went online to check out some facts, there was no such lawyer and our friend who allegedly called us from jail never called us.. I called the police to report the incident.


We still do not know many key election results. We know control of the Senate is really important. McConnell would be a disaster for the Biden Administration in every possible way.

One of those key ways is that McConnell will bury every single one of Biden’s judicial appointments. It should already be abundantly clear how important are our judges.


Trump is claiming he did very well in the election. That is simply wrong, but we should all know by now that he is incapable of admitting what he did was not perfect. When things go well, he takes all the credit. When things go badly, it is everyone’s fault but his own.


Lauren Boebert is losing by 73 votes. Wouldn’t it be great if she lost? One less lunatic is not as important as holding on to the Senate but it would be a great bonus if this Adam Frisch replaced her.


It will be weeks until we know what happens in the California House races. At this time, but it could change because there are other House races still undecided, there is still a scenario where the Democrats could run the table and keep control of the House.

I think I dislike Kevin McCarthy more than Mitch McConnell. I have a grudging respect for McConnell’s acumen as a politician even though I almost never like his positions. I have no respect for McCarthy. The best I can say about him is Trump and Trump Jr. are worse.


Once the election results are known, one of, if not the major, stories going forward will be the power fight between Trump and DeSantis. For many reasons, if I had to bet, my money would be on DeSantis. He is much smarter, much more patient, does not have the huge legal problems, and is not mentally ill. Do not get me wrong, I think DeSantis is evil and a danger to our democracy, but if you open up a copy of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM), his picture is not on every page as is Trump’s.


I asked the cruise line on which we are taking a cruise if, on the day of embarkation in Miami, I could have someone come on board to help us set up the office we take with us so we can still work. We were turned down. Oceania did not not have a problem accommodating us but the Seabourn does.

I tried appealing the adverse decision and wrote a letter. I got a bullshit reply. Then I tried to talk to some with authority to grant my request. I never have been able to talk with anyone who could help, despite following up on half a dozen suggestions as to the right number to call and the right email address to put my problem in writing. I hate these computer prompts but I do like some of the music I get to listen to while I am on hold for 30 minutes or more being told every minute how important my call is to them, but how they are still helping other customers.

I can understand all the Indian CEO’s and Prime Ministers when they speak, but can understand only about one out of every ten words spoken more rapidly than I can listen to the person from India who talks to me. I just keep asking for a supervisor and try to keep going up the chain until I get someone knowledgeable whom I can understand.


Good economic numbers as I post this. Stock futures up almost 800. Would have been good if we got these numbers before the election.


Go Ukraine

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