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Thursday, May 5, 2022

If what is going on in America right now with the overturning of Roe v Wade does not wake up the 82% of Americans who favor a woman’s right to choose, then it is hopeless. We might as well turn the clock back 100 years.

Many decades ago, when I had not yet been to either Charm or Diplomacy School, and I would say anything no matter how crass, I was the guest speaker at at meeting of Texas woman lawyers. I do not remember the name of the group.

At the time, the Family Law in Texas greatly favored men. There was either no right to alimony or so little alimony could be awarded that it did not matter. I said to the assembled audience something like, “Ladies, if I owned 100% of the pussy in Texas, you can bet the law would be different. Cross your legs and do not open them again until the law is fair”.

Well, ladies and men who care about ladies, the time has come to take a stand. “Stand” is an appropriate word. Do not lay down until your husband or partner joins you in this fight to restore your rights to do with your body as you wish.

If you live in Oklahoma, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida, to name a few, and you can leave, do it. Tell your man he can come with you or help get the law to where it should be. I will bet you the great college football teams in those states would have trouble recruiting if there were no girls on campus, no female cheerleaders.

In a nutshell, (another appropriate word), go on strike. You can get it done, and C batteries are cheap. ————————- I received numerous emails yesterday from women who were up all night and could not sleep at all because of Roe v Wade. Obviously, Alito does not care about his legacy. It is, in my view, now as tarnished as any justice in history and that takes some real doing. For Alito to write that the will of the people is totally irrelevant gives him an F in judicial history. ———————- The image of the Supreme Court was already at an all-time low. Who would have bet that within a few weeks of the Clarence Thomas fiasco, another atrocity would arise considerably more serious than the confit/ethics issue involving Thomas and his Wife.

Reversing Roe v Wade opens a Pandora’s Box that will last maybe forever. If abortion is totally outlawed, what comes next? Our country will fall back into the Dark Ages. We will become a country mocked by most of the rest of the world.

If only RBG had not died when she did. There may be other factors, but her death was a major factor in the avalanche of shit that has followed. ———————— I have nothing to say about the Marlins losing three in a row at home all by one run to a mediocre team. ————————- Putin’s cancer surgery is out of the headlines. The war between Russia and Ukraine continues raging but is now playing second fiddle to Roe v Wade. I wish I thought this was obvious but it is not. Do not focus on the fact that there was a leak. Focus on what was leaked. ——————— Go Ukraine and go everyone who believes in Choice, gay marriages, interracial marriages, and, paramount, that there is just one human race.

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