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Thursday, May 4, 2023

Marlins held Braves to two touchdowns in 14 to 6 loss. Oh my!


I have a new game at which some of you may wish to try your skill:

Tell me what four words follow this lyric “Antoinette dainty Queen…."

I will give you a hint each day until someone gives me the right answer. I guess it is obvious that I knew the answer without any hint so maybe some else is as crazy as I am. Here is an example:

Tell me what four words follow this lyric “Jingle bells, jingle bells…….

Answer “jingle all the way”. Got it?


Apparently, Harlan Crow paid the private school tuition for a boy Clarence Thomas was raising, and Thomas never disclosed this gift. Who knows what other financial benefits have inured to Thomas’ benefit during his tenure on the Court? What I do know is that Thomas has ruined one of our most important institutions.

I do not know what can be done about it. Not a single Republican appears to be enraged enough to do something. Where are all the young clerks, the young generation who thinks we old folks have screwed thongs up? What would happen if all the clerks resigned en masse in protest?

The Chief Justice cannot or will not do anything. The other Justices have remained totally silent and a third ranch of government has called into total disrepute. We, as a society, have lost the balls to stand up for what we know is right. The Democrats have to win in 2024 by a large enough margin to impeach Clarence Thomas.


The first master class given by the head sommelier from Seabourn was enjoyable. The champagnes they gave us, three in all, were all okay but nothing outstanding. Still, we learned a lot. We have another class this morning at 10:30 so we can get to trivial pursuit at noon. Yesterday, at trivial pursuit we did not do well.

We were advised by the Captain that there were pirates in the African waters we are in, and to just pay attention in case we were threatened. We were told this is a standard warning. My bet, given that 15 of our passengers were robbed at gun and knife point in Port Elizabeth after being told to be careful and not carry valuables, is that people paid more attention than normal. Shit actually does happen.


Have lost nine of the ten pounds I gained so should come out of this long trip reasonably unscathed cannot do anything about how fast we feel our lives are going by. Another major thing we planned, and looked forward to is now coming an end. Now, hopefully we will have the opportunity to find other things to look forward to.. No matter what, we had a hell of a run so when it is over, please celebrate that it happened and do not mourn that it ended. Easier said than done just like my keeping my mouth shut when I was 100% right and the other guy dead wrong.


At least four more Proud Boys bite the dust. I cannot predict Trump’s future, but there should not be much joy in ”mudville” as mighty Trump May be about to strike out.


Writing this mid day of my Thursday. Market down over 400 points. Does McCarthy think that his debt ceiling shenanigans may be making investors nervous? I really think the American public is having a frontal lobotomy. Why are not people screaming their damn heads off?

Apple’s earnings okay. Raised dividend. Could have been worse.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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