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Thursday, May 25, 2023

Our last restful sea day has ended. Today will be what is known in legal circles as a cluster fuck. On Saturday morning over 300 passengers will be disembarking in Barcelona and over 400 will be embarking on a sold out 10 day cruise.

We had a wonderful day yesterday. Staff has been terrific in all respects. We had some friends in our cabin to drink wine we cannot take, a really nice dinner with Bill and Connie and then saw an excellent show.

The good news is our bags are not yet tagged, but we are almost completely packed. The bad news is that, despite buying 4 extra bags Seabourn is sending home at their expense, we are out of space and not sure how we handle.

Lost an hour last night. Final day of trivia, obviously. Had never played before, but enjoyed it. Our trivia team had lunch together yesterday. There is a galley lunch which is always nice. All in all, we had a great trip. Hard to believe a 140/day cruise is about to end. More than a few on our ship are doing it again in 2024. ———————— How does DeSantis have the balls to pull the poem Gorman wrote for Biden’s inaugural out of Florida schools. He talks about freedom and Liberty, but the man is a Nazi. ——————- Does Joe Biden ever get mad? If he ever though about losing his temper, tell the Republicans to go fuck themselves, that time is fast approaching. These yutzes are holding our economy hostage.

It is somewhat ironic that Biden’s predecessor was not very smart but had more balls than a large herd of elephants. Biden is much smarter, much more steady, the right person to be President at this time because of his steadiness and foreign policy experience, but he needs to obtain some of Trumps attributes.

The courts will end up deciding whether the 14th Amendment allows the President to unilaterally raise the debt. I think he has to try.

It is atrocious that the House has adjourned for the holiday weekend without a deal. ———————— Marjorie Taylor Greene is trying to impeach Biden. This woman is truly scary. ———————— 18 years in prison for seditious conspiracy. Slowly, these traitors are paying the price, but Trump, who engineered all of this is just not still walking the streets, but is running for President, and , right now at least,is far ahead of all other Republican candidate. If I wrote a book with these facts, it was be considered science fiction. ————————- See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan. ——————————- Go Ukraine

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