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Thursday, May 12, 2022

There is this question posted on Facebook, “How Many of These Things Have You Done?,” and it lists a bunch of places we could have gone. I have been to all of them, and done a bunch of other things like ridden in a limousine, jumped out of a plane, etc

There are 50 items in all and many people were in the high 40’s. The best I could was was 39 but I think I responded fairly. For example, I did not count “had a baby” because I gave that one to Barbara. A colorable argument could be made that fathers can count that one, but I did not.

I am likely to break the 40 barrier by retiring, although my life could end while I am still working. I will never get to 50 because I will never get divorced. I like visiting the other half of my dwindling estate, and my fees are too high.

I could, however, just walk 100 yards from our apartment and get both a tattoo and a piercing. That would get me well over 40 and might even add “divorce” when Barbara saw the tattoo and piercing.

Anyway, it has been a while since I began a post with anything as stupid as this. It was time for a change up.

That brings me to a baseball question I have never understood. How can the first pitch be a change up? From what is it changing.?

I even know why Kamikaze pilots wore helmets, but I do not know the baseball answer.


Finally! The Marlins won 11 to 3.


Never got out of bed for one second yesterday. Leg stopped throbbing so I think that is progress, at least on the physical front. Now, if I can just keep my sanity,


I did speak to Grandson Ryan and he was very understanding about our missing his high school graduation.


A friend of mine writes poetry just as a hobby. His poems have never been submitted for publication, but he has maybe written over10,000, and some are world-class. I receive between one and four a day, read them and sometimes suggest edits, but always offer my opinion.

This line struck me from a poem he sent yesterday:

“Truth is only what we think today”.


Last Saturday Mickey Gilley died at age 86 I thought he was extremely talented and particularly loved his version of ”A Room Full of Roses”. I will post it for you people wise enough not to denigrate country music.


A man in Michigan forgot a $242,000 winning lottery ticket he was carrying around. He just forgot he bought five tickets and when he remembered and looked, he had won.


The Trump contempt saga is over if Trump pays $110,000 by May 20. Would not you love to know where that payment will come from?


DeSantis lost the first round in the redistricting case. A Judge he appointed found it unconstitutional. The Fat Lady is a long way from singing on this on this one.


Every damn Republican Senator and Joe Manchin blocked the Abortion bill. If this does not kill the Republicans, you know we are back in the Dark Ages.

Here is what I would do if I were calling the shots at any widely read publication. I would assemble teams of interviewers, interview the wives, sisters, mothers, female cousins, granddaughters, aunts of every single Republican Senator and Joe Manchin’s and ask if they are in agreement with the Republican position on abortion which, if you still do not get it, EVERYONE IS AGAINST.


Then every single Republican has to start asking themselves some questions and give honest answers. Questions like “my daughter (or just pick any female you care about) is pregnant, raped by a serial killer and she is carrying the killer’s baby, which is likely to be born deformed. Is it more important to you that this child be born than:

Where the Capitol of Israel is located,

The price of gasoline,

You can vote for who you want and your vote will be fairly counted.

You can marry whom you choose,

Pray to any God you wish,

Have health care,

Not lose your social security.

Sorry. I do not care how much money you make, how smart you are, how nice a person you are, if you are still going to vote Republican, I have to be so invested in our relationship that the pluses still outweigh the minuses. However, if you are just walking into my life, please turn around and walk out.


Go Ukraine

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