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Thursday, May 11, 2023

The news yesterday is that we have this six foot six inch, gorgeous as a movie star Grandson. He is finishing his first year at Florida State University. Ryan has battled a horrible and painful case of Crohn’s Disease. What he has gone through, you would not wish on your worse enemy. He missed months of school, was hospitalized countless times, saw dozens of doctors and took medications so tough it is hard to believe.

Finally, the right doctors were found, the right medications determined, and Ryan is doing very well. Never once did he say “why me?” Rather he told his family not to worry as we stood around his hospital bed trying not to cry.

Yesterday, Ryan gave a five minute speech to the Crohn’s Foundation before 800 people’s and got a standing ovation even before he was done. We wish we could have been there, but, as you know, we are in Africa. Barbara and I could not be more proud and Ryan is Exhibit A of “when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Yeah Ryan.


The A plus answers to yesterday’s musical trivia quiz.

1. When loves come in AND TAKES YOU FOR A SPIN

From C’est Magnifique in Can Can by Cole Porter

Note: I saw this show half a dozen times principally because it starred a newcomer on Broadway from France. Her name was LILO and she was terrific. The best known song from this show is I Love Paris. This is the show that made Gwen Verdon a star Abe Burrow directed and I believe wrote the book I think it is one of Porter’s most underrated shows but it followed Kiss Me Kate one of the all time greats so really an impossible act to follow.

2..Just one look at you my heart grew tipsy in me YOU AND YOU ALONE BRING OUT THE GYPSY IN ME

From Embraceable You from Girl Crazy by George and Ira Gershwin.

Note: To be 100% accurate this great standard was written in 1928 for an unpublished operetta named East Is West. However, it was first performed in 1930 by Ginger Rogers in Girl Crazy in a routine choreographed by Fred Astaire. Another piece of trivia: Billie Holliday’s recording was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2005.

3. They’ve got a great big switchboard there WHERE IT’S JUST HELLO, GOODBYE

From I’m Going Back from Bells Are Ringing by Jules Styne

Note: Judy Holliday’s performance was a real tour de force. it is one of the greatest in the history of the theater. Two points of interest people who love the musical theater. Both the book and the lyrics were written by Condon and Green two icons. If you do not know about them, it is time to learn. They were also great performers.. Second ,Charlie Chaplin’s son Sydney Chaplin won the Tony as did Holliday for his performance in this show. The album is worth owning and listening to on a regular basis.

4. They found little Annie all covered in ice STILL CLUTCHIN HER POOR FROZEN SHEARS

From Artificial Flowers from Tenderloin by Jerry Bock and Sheldon Harnick

Note: This song was a huge hit for Bobby Darin Few people realize the song came from a Broadway show. The show really got lost and played for only about 200 performances. It followed the composers’ blockbuster hit Fiorello and came before they wrote Fiddler one of the all time greats about which I have not yet written about.

5. I love the look of you, the lure of you THE EYES, THEARMS THE MOUTH OF YOU, THE EAST, WEST, NORTH AND THE SOUTHOF YOU

From All of You, from Silk Stockings by Cole Porter.

NOTE: This is from Porter’s last show and far and away the best song in the show. I was 16 when I saw this show which had a great cast including Hildegarde , whom I had never seen, Don Amerche, the very talented Gretchen Wyler and the sexy, I mean really sexy Julie Newmar. The movie starring Fred Astaire and Syd Charisse was one of the better movies based on a Broadway show.

6. While you’d druther hustle, accumulatin muscle I’D RATHER WATCH DAISIES GROW

From If I Had My Druthers from L’ll Abner by Johnny Mercer

Note. This show has a great score and had a great cast. Mercer was one of our greatest lyricists but wrote very Lille for Broadway. Occasionally, he also wrote the music his best being Dream. This show starred Edie Adams who was married to the hilarious Ernie Kovacs. The album is a gem and should be added to your collection

7. I’ve a great big bar and good caviar YES THE BEST THAT CAN BE FOUND

From The Hostess With The Mostest On The Ball from Call Me Madam by Irving Berlin

Note. This is a great show which followed Berlin’s megabit Annie Get Your Gun show is most famous for great due You're Just in Love which Merman sang with Russel Nype. Donald O’Connor sang it in the movie. Merman’s ego was so big that she demanded Nype have his back to the audience as they sang this show stopper. The audience kept demanding encores something that is virtually non existent today for two main reasons. Few new numbers deserve it, but even if they did, the union rules could require overtime pay

8. Chicks and ducks and geese better scurry WHEN I TAKE YOU OUTON THE SURRY

From Surry With The Fringe on Top from Oklahoma by Rogers and Hammerstein

Note. This is the first show Rogers wrote with Hammerstein after Lorenz Hart died. This song is particularly notable because it can be performed in so many great ways. I recommend listening to Blossom Dearie’s version. I was about 7 the first time I saw Alfred Drake sing this classic

9. I know how it feels to have wings on your heels ANDTO FLY DOWN THE STREET IN A TRANCE

From Hello Young Lovers from King and I by Rogers and Hammerstein

Note. Another show that mesmerized me and that I saw multiple times as a kid. Yul Brynner was beyond great. Gertrude Lawrence could not sing but her replacement Constance Carpenter could. Still, Lawrence was an icon and seeing her in this show was the only time I got to see her.

10. One of these mornings YOU’RE GOING TO RISE UP SINGING

From Summertime from Porgy and Bess by George Gershwin and DuBose Howard

Note. I have seen multiple versions of Porgy. Houston Opera Company did one of the best. If I ever write a book about my life as a divorce lawyer, the title will be “Your Daddy’s Rich And Your Ma Is Good Lookin’


Did not do well in trivial pursuit. Yesterday was a quiet sea day.

Dinner in cabin. Our scale does not work when sailing so will not know how I am doing until dock in two more days. Have no had bread, potatoes, desserts or hard liquor including beer since left Cape Town. However, been unable to go to real gym so I have to be careful anyway.

Finally worked out travel arrangements home. Had to delay returning by two days but Florence not to shabby


Why is the media giving Donald Trump’s fiasco so much ai time? Itis time to stop giving him all this free air time. The whole thing is ridiculous. If I were Carroll’s lawyers, I would sue this asshole again for defamation.

I did not see the CNN broadcast, but I have certainly seen more than enough excerpts. From what I can glean, CNN really screwed up. Just off the top of my head, and I admit I did not give the questions I would consider asking anywhere near the serious thought they deserve. My dirty dozen follow:

1. If you maintain your did not even know E. Jean Carroll, why did you not get on the stand and tell that to the jury under oath?

2. Is the immigration problem on our Southern border a problem for everyone e in our country or just the Democrats?

3. What do you think will happen if we default on our debt?

4.. Yes or no, is it your position that there should be no changes in our gun laws?

5. Yes or no, do you think Clarence Thomas has acted unethically ina y manner?

6.If you have the solutions to our problems, why have you not shared your nowledge with those presently able to make things better?

7. How is it helping thee United States by your continuing to complain the last election was stolen from you?

8. Is it wrong to lie?

9. Do you believe in The Ten Commandments?

10. Yes or no, should all abortions be banned in the United States?

11. Yes or no,should samesex marriages be banned in the United States?

12. Yes or no, should social security benefits, Medicare enefits or veteran’s benefits be cut?


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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