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Thursday, March 9, 2023

Yesterday we were on Phillip Island, a luxury resort 75 miles south of Melbourne. It is known for its penguins, but I read “Mr. Popper’s Penguins" 100,000 times over my lifetime so we came back to the ship and saw a comedy show.

We did not arrive until about 12:30 and it was about a 45 minute tender ride and then a 20 minute shuttle to get to the area Barbara wanted to see. A lot of places were closed but we ended up at a lovely Italian restaurant right on the water where we had a really great lunch. One dish, particularly was world glass. A freshwater sardine on homemade crostini with truffle butter and shaved Macadamia bytes.

All the pastas were homemade and the bruschetta was also great Barbara had some passable Prosecco, I had Perroni on tap. We did not eat dinner.

Australia and Australians continue to amaze us. One of their favorite expressions is “no worry”.

I am sure all of you in the United States have seen countless signs “restrooms are only for customers”. Then a key is needed and often the restroom is filthy dirty. Not in Australia. All restrooms are spotless. If one needs a restroom whether a customer or not, one is welcomed warmly and. the restroom is, generally, easily accessible.

Today and tomorrow we are in Melbourne. Many things planned. We will see how it goes.


My law firms IT department is all in a dither and I can neither send or receive emails. Have no idea if can post. What I have may be all I can do and if you get no post, that is why.

Maybe I will see you tomorrow, maybe not.

Go Ukraine

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