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Thursday, March 30, 2023

Indonesia where we have had our last three ports, with one more to go, is has the fourth largest population in the world and the third largest democracy—-273.8 million people. Australia has 25. 69 million total population. No guns in Indonesia except for police and military.

There is a small black market but it is non consequential. We are talking about one of the major countries in the world, it look at most places. Where else is there the equivalent of the 2nd Amendment, however one interprets it.

People our law must be reformed. How can it be that only the United States is right and every other country except, I think, Yemen is wrong?


There are few, if any, high school graduates who know less about the issue of banning TikTok than I do. However, Rand Paul has single-handedly stopped the fast tracking of any ban. Consequently, since I have never once agreed with an significant position Paul has taken, it leads me to believe that TikTok is in trouble.


We now have 2 sea days, than a port and then a week at sea. From now to the end of cruise in Barcelona, every port is a new experience for us. Took a long time to see a new part of the world, but we are having great experiences adding to an already incredible run which only a very small number of people get to have.

Still, it all starts and ends because my Wife and I have each other. More and more I just find myself staring at her and saying “thank you”.

With a lot of help, it looks like I may be able to resolve some of the conundrums I felt I was facing. Only time will tell. Again, my Wife and a couple of others whose identity must remain unknown to protect the guilty, were very supportive.


One other couple was supposed to take this cruise with us but could not. Another was supposed a long segment with us, but could not. We missed them quite often for many reasons. A main one is that the Seabourn loyalist does almost nothing else but go from one cruise to another. It is very hard to break into numerous circles of tight knit friends who really are not interested in admitting anyone into their group. Don’t get me wrong. Most a friendly, polite and nice enough but I can see a kind of blank, look after they talk and I begin to talk. They “send” but don’t ”receive”. Remember the Bette Midler character who talks about herself for 15 minutes and then say “enough about me, what do you think about me”

One of the great things about David Boies seldom present in other superstars, is that the others, when they walk into a room, wait for trumpets to blow, a red carpet and convey the massage “here I am”. When David walks into a room, he has a big smile on his face and his message is “I am really glad to see you”.


Was going to have dinner with friends, but ended up eating alone and writing this post. They chose to eat outside and I had had enough heat and humidity


I have not yet figured out how the Republicans will blame Biden for the helicopter crash in Kentucky. However, stay tuned.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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