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Thursday, March 24, 2022

Madeleine Albright has died. She was really a very extraordinary human being. I am presently in Italy and I do not expect the Italians to make a big deal of her passing. However, if those at home in the United States would take their heads out of their asses, this woman’s death should be a much bigger deal than it appears to be. ———————————— Tyreek Hill to the Miami Dolphins. Wow! It looks like the Dolphins are now really a contender. With both Hill and Waddle, Miami may have the two fastest receivers in pro football. Ross has even signed an offensive tackle to protect the quarterback. If Tua cannot excel now, he needs to get dumped. ———————————— Pay some more attention to what is going on in Alabama. More dirty Republican laundry is coming out. Trump really does belong in jail. ———————————- President Biden is now in Brussels. No one appears to be optimistic that peace can be brokered. More and more the term “nuclear warfare” is being tossed around. If that possibility grows, Russia is not the only nuclear power in the world. I hope it never happens, but we may have no choice but to try to wipe Russia of the face of the earth by striking first. In the meantime, Ukraine is beginning to counter-attack taking back territory previously lost. You have to really applaud Zelensky and the Ukrainian military for doing an unbelievable job. David is more than hanging in there against Goliath. ————————————- Who do you like in the coming showdown between Trump and McConnell? My money is on the man from Kentucky. ———————————— Meanwhile, from all accounts, the Republicans are making fools of themselves at the confirmation hearings. Admittedly Judge Brown was not my personal first choice. I was wrong. Biden picked the right person, no doubt about it. ————————————— McCarthy has already announced that if the Republicans take back the House, he will throw Adam Schiff off the Intelligence Committee. Of course that is the plan. Heaven forbid, there be someone on the Intelligence Committee with intelligence. ————————————- At 7:30 this morning I went, accompanied by Gianni, to the Fanfani Clinic. It is considered one of the best in Europe. One can go every day between 7:30 and 10 without an appointment. I got the bloods tests my Florida doctor wanted and was promised the results by the end of tomorrow. I was examined by a internist who checked my blood pressure, lungs, blood oxygen and checked me out to see what water I was retaining. I was there for two hours. The total charge was euros 228. The place runs like clockwork. All in all, it was a very encouraging visit and I am almost back to normal ———————————— Go Ukraine.

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