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Thursday, March 2, 2023

Yesterday was a very calm sea day both on the water and on the ship. Not enough players for poker and did not win in trivial pursuit. Finally finished Volume 1 of Toll’s trilogy about the war in the Pacific.

We chose to pass on the fancy dinner in the dining room. Formal night although I could get away with just a jacket. Today we dock just 20 miles from Brisbane at a place just s virtually desolate - Moreton Island. Guess Seabourn would not spring for an overnight in Brisbane which would have substantially improved the itinerary. Barbara says we are getting off the ship so we are getting off the ship despite my seeing no reason to do so. Tried to leave the ship and spend an extra day in Brisbane but Australian immigration nixed it. I expect to spend more time on the tender going back and forth than I do on the Island, but mine is not to reason why.

I listened to music in the piano bar from 6 to 7, had grilled chicken breast sandwiches in the cabin, took another shower, read some more and will go to sleep early. Pretty boring but sometimes, maybe often, it is better than running around crazy to make sure I do not miss anything. It is just no longer important to me, if it ever was to see a lighthouse, and I could live happily ever after if I never went to another church, mosque or place where I have to take off my shoes. ————————- If you watched Hawley and Cruz interrogate Attorney General Garland, I doubt you were as disgusted as I was. My word! They accused Garland of targeting Trump. I cannot think of anyone who deserves targeting. Trump should have been indicted a long time ago . My pick is Georgia but most pundits seem to be picking New York. —————————— Think the Railway Safety Act of 2023 has a chance of passing? Maybe something bi-partisan can happen ——————————— Hooray to Eli Lily for cutting the price of insulin to $35. A dose costs about $7. Can anyone explain why so many Republicans oppose this reduction? I will never be convinced that the constituents of these Republicans agree with them. ——————————- How does MTG blame Biden for deaths that occurred when Trump was President.I hope and pray that Trump picks her as his running mate. Can you just imagine such a dream ticket? ————————— See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan. —————————— Go Ukraine

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