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Thursday, March 17, 2022

I think we all agree that Ukraine’s military prowess has been unexpectedly very good, actually terrific, and better than Russia's. Putin thought he should have won the war already. He significantly underestimated the ability of the Ukraine military.

In all previous wars with which I am familiar, the generals involved became household names. The public knew who was masterminding the war. It has occurred to me that I have no idea who the military people are for either Russia or Ukraine, ————————- I just heard that Biden is considering getting drones to Ukraine. I am happy about that. What I am unhappy about is that this is public knowledge. We are being told too much. Why, if we do not want to get into a war so we will not help get planes to Ukraine, are we announcing we are thinking about getting them drones? Let’s just do it, but stop talking about it.

Subsequently, it was confirmed that we are sending drones to Ukraine. Someone needs to explain to me why drones are different than fighter planes——except one is a plane and one is a drone —————————- Zelensky did another masterful job addressing our Congress. My sense is that sentiment is growing for us to do more to help beat back Putin. At the very least, it is time to tighten to the maximum every economic sanction. It really only has to be a matter of time before the Russian military surrounds Ukraine’s Capital. When that happens, (1) the Ukrainians will get starved out; and (2) all the bullets and guns we ship will not get in. —————————— My sense is that more and more Americans want us to send fighter planes to Ukraine. Biden refuses because he fears that by doing so, Putin could be provoked into declaring war on us. He may do so, but he declared war on Ukraine with no provocation, and there is clearly no guarantee he will not declare war on us at anytime.

Russia’s economy is about to collapse if it has not already. It is not an easy decision because everyone’s crystal ball is irreparably broken. However, a good argument could be made to totally cripple Putin and give Ukraine every possible chance of winning now before things get worse. ————————— I went to the pharmacy today to pick up all the damn pills I need when I am in Italy. While waiting for what needed to be done, I learned from the pharmacist that just a 90 day supply of one pill for which I paid $20 would cost $1500 if I did not have what has to be the best possible group insurance plan.

That fact brought home to me, big time, that the Democrats must make a top priority the lowering of prescription drug prices. My doctor tells me that this one pill is absolutely essential to my good health. I am lucky, but what about all those who are not? ———————- Looks like Freddie Freeman found a new home with the Dodgers. He is being paid $162 million signing a six year contract. Great Country, America! Also, a country where income distribution makes no sense.

Baseball team owners are really rich people. Presumably, they are smart at whatever made them rich unless, of course, they are members of the lucky sperm club. In my view, almost all of the owners are dumber than whale shit when it comes to knowing the business/game of baseball. When it comes to baseball, not only do most of them not know what they are doing, they do not even know that they do not know. They must think “I am rich so I must be smart” —-WRONG! —————————- Two good days in a row in the market. Still getting my ass handed to me. ————————- Since Barbara has nothing to do to get ready to go to Italy Friday, we are having Bobby and Elaine to lunch at the house. However, I lost my bet because late yesterday, I did see a suitcase. In fact, I saw two. ————————- It was so busy and so noisy at New York Prime last night that it was impossible to talk except by shouting in the ear of the person next to you. The food and drink are both top notch, but I would have preferred to talk. Huge traffic jam on 95 coming home. Often, I have a driver take me, but I knew I was not going to have any alcohol last night so drove myself. That was a mistake. ——————————- To my readers who are members of The Florida Bar, if you have not already voted for President-Elect, please do so I, and the majority of Past Presidents, have endorsed F. Scott Westheimer. —————————— Root for Ukraine, take Tucker Carlson off the air, and throw whatever book is available at the Putin Republicans.

See you tomorrow.

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