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Thursday, March 16, 2023

The quintessential poetic Justice will be if Michal Cohen is the one who is responsible for getting Trump indicted and possibly going to jail. Of course, Trump supporters keep shouting, ”liar, liar, liar” and yes Cohen did lie. He also told the truth and he did not lie as much as Trump lied.

Read Cohen’s book, listen to some of his interviews. He was mesmerized by Trump as are millions of others, loyal to a fault. Then, Trump threw him under the bus as he has many others. It is about time 45 received some of the same medicine he has been dishing out for years.

Cohen eventually owned up to his mistakes. He paid the price for them going to jail and losing his license to practice law. Have you ever heard Trump admit to a mistake or even say he could have done better? You have not and you never will. His DNA just will not permit him to be anything but perfect. He is to blame for nothing. Now, he is even blaming Pence for what happened on January 6. Donald J. Trump is one very sick puppy. Historians could speculate forever and never figure out how this man was elected President.

Now the scariest part. DeSantis is worse. He is far smarter and much more calculating. Watch out America or we will end up just like Germany in the Hitler era.


We came in third in trivial pursuit because missed the last question. Going into that bonus round we were in first place.

The wine luncheon was really nice. Met some terrific people. Wines were better than average and food good but enough for a bulimic midget. I mean stature handicapped because “midget" is no longer acceptable. I went looking for a kielbasa stand after lunch but there was none on the ship.

Went up to the bar on deck 10 to hear Bruno play, have a drink and visit with a few people. Light dinner in cabin. Lost another hour last night

Today we are in Albany, Australia. Going somewhere but not sure where. We then have one more sea day before seeing our good friends both in Bunbury and in Perth. We just could not get Australian Customs to let us off the ship. They can be and have demonstrated a propensity for being a pain in the proverbial ass. Sometimes I think the Australian Government is not interested in tourism. The Aussie people sure are but not their leaders.

After Perth, we have three straight sea days before getting to Broome and then we are off to Bali, one of the really great places in the world.

Last night met a couple of lawyers from Chicago who started at Mayor Brown with my best friend in college David Wishnick. David, a brilliant lawyer died suddenly on his 33rd birthday. When that happened, I vowed to live each day as if it were my last.

Barbara is much happier now that her yoga instructor is back in Toronto from climbing some little hill. I think it was Kilimanjaro. Now if only the ship’s internet holds up, my Wife can do her yoga several times a week and get ready for the Olympics.


Do not recall turning on the television yesterday so have nothing much to say about our political situation. I can tell you that there are a whole lot of Republicans on this ship that are shaking their heads at members of their own party. They may be conservative but they are far from stupid.

Happy St Patrick’s Day at least hear in Australia.

See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.

Go Ukraine.

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