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Thursday, June 9, 2022

The Senate unanimously passed a bill increasing security for the Justices of the Supreme Court. That Bill, which should be a no brainer, is stalled in the House. I am shedding crocodile tears and actually laughing at the umbrage McConnell and others have taken at the delay.

What about all Biden’s appointments that went unconfirmed for months ? There are lots of laws that should have received 100% bi-partisan support that never saw the light of day.

Sorry Charlie.

P.S . There is no truth to the rumor that the tightened security would not also inure to the benefit of Alito and Thomas.


The House, almost along strict party lines, passed a meaningful gun control law. No one thinks it has a chance in the Senate. How bad is that? Our children just are not as important as we pretend them to be. We really stink.


Great baseball game last night. Marlins won in 10 by one run. Alcantara is probably the best pitcher in baseball but his team has trouble getting him runs.

I seriously played today with the idea of going to the game but I am still not that steady walking, and I am going to give it a few more days and not do much until I go out for my birthday on Monday.


Just holding on in the stock market, neither buying nor selling.


Would you do anything about a football coach that something as stupid as Jack Del Rio?


I do not think we have sufficiently drilled down analyzing the option of arming our teachers. Let’s put faces on these teachers and take a careful look at each of their backgrounds, ages, health and skill sets.

I started elementary school in 1944. I remember the names of all my teachers from kindergarten through 6th grade. Not one was a man. Not one did not have gray hair. I would be surprised if any were under 55. I would also be surprised if any of them had ever picked up a gun of any kind. I do not remember any of them being married. I thought of them as kindly elderly ladies older than my parents who taught me each school day.

Looking back, I cannot even imagine one of them being able to defend themselves from anything let alone a man with a gun.


I have to keep fighting the urge to think logically. The Republican Senators are going to be unanimous, or close to it, in defeating the gun legislation passed by the House.

The Senators do not seem to care what their constituents want but their constituents do not seem to care that their views are not being represented. It is a perfect storm for the greedy. whose primary goal is to line their pockets and stay in power at any costs.

And I was wrong by a long shot. I really thought losing our democracies, our personal freedoms, having our children shot down, etc., was more important than the price of gas.

Where does everyone intend to go if they have a full tank of gas? Not to the voting booths, not to an abortion clinic, not to drive their kids to school because there will be no teachers, maybe not to Disneyland or the baseball park or the special Olympics. DeSantis will shut them down.

For those interested, we are going to find out that Donald Trump tried his damndest to steal the 2020 election. Dress it up anyway you want. The man is batshit out of his mind. He cannot accept that he lost and he does not care one bit about any American other than himself.

And millions love him, would still vote for him and cannot recognize that he is a man devoid of all character and scruples .


GO Ukraine

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