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Thursday, June 8, 2023

We are all way too familiar with Trump’s “it’s the biggest witch hunt in history” schtick. He has a new one: “why are they indicting me when I’ve done nothing wrong?” Really? If asked, “ever you ever done anything wrong?”, I would make a big bet he would say “never”.


Family left. Their visit was a success on many levels. Another thing we looked forward to for so long is now over. The older you get, the more you will understand the significance of what I just said.

I think, but I can never be sure, that each grandchild left with a good feeling about their Grandpa, and the same for Charles and Cindy. I hope so, but there have been times before when I thought something was a success only to find out there was resentment over something I completely missed and never intended. All I can say is “I did my best”.

Everyone was very kind to me and helped me when I struggled with something. It gave me some greater hope that if I really needed them each of them would be there.

Still, it all comes down to Barbara. I am fine if I have her and I am not fine if I do not. If under a truth serum, the only downside of having the family is that it takes my Wife’s attention away from me. It is selfish, I admit, but I do not think I could have been a better husband and I earned it. So there!


Biggest personal news, watched online our granddaughter’s high school graduation. It really was well done.


Biggest legal news, but it is still early as I write this, the Supreme Court unexpectedly upheld a provision prohibiting racial gerrymandering. Someone will have to explain what that means so the bumfuck Senators in Alabama understand in a 5 to 4 decisions Roberts and Kavanaugh both sided with the three liberal Justices and basically disallowed disenfranchised Black voters. Wow!


Pat Robertson died. He was not one of my favorite people, but, compared to what we have now, he is almost middle of the road.


From the lack of outrage, I have concluded that a good deal of our Country, whether it is a majority of not, I do not know, are unaware that our government is for all intent and purposes shutdown until at least Monday. Why? Because the right wing lunatic fringe of the House Republicans have refused to bring anything to a vote. Their panties are all twisted in a knot because McCarthy did not act crazy enough for them, and, instead, made a compromise deal to save us from potential economic ruin. If I did not see this happening, I would not believe it.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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