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Thursday, June 23, 2022

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Travel to Las Vegas went as follows: Driver picked me up at 10, then picked up daughter Beth at her house and went to Delta at Fort Lauderdale. Checked a bag at curb, walked through security in five minutes. Went to the Delta Lounge which has been nicely refurbished and met up with Amy, who is a regular member of our Vegas contingent and the CFO of my law firm.

Sat with Beth on flight to Atlanta. Fell asleep about two minutes after I sat down even before the motors started and woke up when we landed. Beth said “Nice talk, Daddy." I guess I never said a word.

Sometimes the connecting flight is many terminals away requiring a lot of walking, long escalators and a long train ride. This time our connecting gate was right next to where we disembarked and right next to the Delta Lounge.

I walked every step in the Lauderdale Airport. In Atlanta, since it was less than a few hundred steps, I could have easily walked. However, I ended up in a wheelchair which I reluctantly took because had I not, with the narrow exit ramp, my slow pace would have held up everyone else disembarking, some of whom could have been in a hurry, so I got in the chair just to get into the airport. I was let off at the Delta Lounge and walked the rest of the time in Atlanta Airport.

I am writing this just as we start out on the second leg of our trip. This time sitting next to Amy because only fair she have equal time not hearing me talk. Since I already slept and this leg is about three and a half hours, the smart money has bet that I will say something.

I called Barbara from the Delta Lounge in Atlanta just to check in. Not surprisingly, she was on an important call. Said she would call me back. When the phone did not ring, I knew it was her. Asked for the Captain’s cell phone to email to Barbara but it did not work out.

The trip from Atlanta to Vegas was a mixed bag. I did walk over 6800 steps —good. Both my friend David’s car and my car were not at the airport waiting for us. Checkin was something of a nightmare, even in the VIP Lounge. The Venetian, where we stay and have stayed dozens of times, is so understaffed no extension can be reached without waiting at least 10 minutes.

The bathroom on the Delta flight was about equal to a latrine. Anyone who could avoid using it avoided it. There was one couple on the flight that must have each had 10 drinks and instead of the flight attendant cutting them off, she kept asking them if they wanted another. Now, I kid you not, when we landed, this couple had not finished their last drinks and they blocked the exit for all the other passengers until someone, not I, screamed at them.

There is a three-hour time change. Our dinner was late, so I just got to the room at 11.30 p.m. Vegas time and I am writing this at 2:30 a.m. Florida time. I have little to say because I travelled all day. We started to gamble, but started poorly and decided to stop before any serious money was lost. Anyway, it is unwise to gamble tired and I am tired.

I will go to sleep now without posting this. Either it will be posted in a few hours or in several hours, but right now I cannot think of anything to say that is worthwhile. 


Okay, woke up at 5.00 a.m. Vegas time, 8 a.m. in Florida, where many of my readers live, talked to Barbara and now will finish this and probably go back to sleep.

See Marlins won and that is good. Still, they gave up three runs in the 9th, pointing out that their relief pitching leaves a lot to be desired..


I broke my leg a little more than six weeks ago. As you all know, Barbara took extraordinary care of me. Along with that care came the fact that we were never separated for any material period of time, and when I had a thought, I could express it immediately or at least as soon as she got off the phone. Yesterday, therefore, was the first time in going on two months that I had no sounding board with whom to share my thoughts and concerns. That is “good news”and “bad news,” but I learned that all this togetherness atrophied, in some metaphysical sense, my support for beliefs that I feel stronger about each day.

Last night I was involved in a discussion with someone who, outside of politics, is very close to me. However, to say he is conservative is a gross understatement, and in the vernacular, listening to him scared the living shit out of me. One reason is that I know his views are not his alone but rather represent the views of millions.

What also amazed me is that several people were totally unaware of the platform adopted by the Texas Republican Party. These are highly educated “with it” people who were just not knowledgeable about things that were being done there. When I quoted a Senator who said “we need automatic weapons to kill prairie dogs”, I was asked “where did you read that?” implying that what I said was inaccurate.

It does not matter where I read it. The Senator said it. End of story.

Now if highly educated intelligent people can be thinking along these lines, I see little hope for those of us who think as I do. Daughter Beth, trying to lower the tension and trying to find some area of common ground, said, “We haven’t talked about Ukraine,” thinking we could all agree. The response from the arch conservative was, “Well, there are two sides to that issue as well”. Really?

Anyway, I was extremely disheartened. Oh my!

See you tomorrow.

Go Ukraine.

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1 Comment

Wendy Kranz
Wendy Kranz
Jun 23, 2022

oh my. Are any of them watching the hearing? unfortunately, my Republican friends are NOT! So disheartening.

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