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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Before I say anything about the House vote to lift the debt ceiling, I want to callout Bernie Sanders as “dumb shit ofthe month”. He says he is going to vote against the debt-ceiling bill, where 60 votes are needed in the Senate, because he cannot support legislation that harms student-loan borrowers and restricts nutritional benefits.

Please, that position may have validity in a vacuum, but we are not in a vacuum. What is the alternative? Is Sanders’ position that it is better for us to go into default? If we do go into default, thousands of jobs will be lost, many predict a recession and the results will be catastrophic. Is that better in Sanders’ view?

We will have to wait and see what happens in the Senate. Schumer and McConnell are in agreement. The Senate Rules could be a problem because one Senator can hold up the whole shooting match beyond Janet Hellen’s drop dead date of June 5 to get this done.

Then, there is the issue of amendments. There is no time for there to be amendments that ten require the Bill to go back to the House to vote again. So, there are some other hurdles to overcome, but assume they are, there will be a vote. Whereas in the House a simple majority is needed, in the Senate 60 out of 100 votes are needed.

Query: if there are 59 votes in favor, and Sanders has not yet voted, if he going to throw us into default by sticking to his announced position? Can he really be so stupid?


I got up in the middle of the night to watch the vote in the House. Giving the devil his due, McCarthy did a great job. Jeffries managed the Democrats beautifully, and the Bill garnered a total of 313 votes. Even Jordan and Greene helped.

Now we wait to see if sanity prevails in the Senate. This is not yet a done deal. However, the Marlins got two runs in the last of the 9th to beat the Padres 2 to 1.


Here are the answers to yesterday’s musical quiz:

1. Cry. I love this song particularly sung by Johnny Ray, but Willie Nelson has a great version as well.

2. Nevertheless. A very underrated song written way backin 1931 by Harry Ruby. Recorded by many, I am partial to the version by the Mills Brothers.

3. It All Depends on You. Another favorite of mine. Jolson’s is my favorite version. The tempo is crucial on this song. A lot is lost, in my view, if sung too fast.

4. My Buddy. I lost my Uncle Abner is World War 2. Never met him. My Mother, his sister, told me this was my Uncle’s favorite song. It is a wonderful piece of music.

5. Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend. One of many show stoppers from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. This song made Carol Channing a Broadway star way before Dolly.

6. Darktown Strutter’s Ball. Written by Shelton Brooks who also wrote Some of These Day. A fun song, the jazzier, the better.

7. My Blue Heaven. An all time standard sung by just about everyone who could breathe. I prefer Mel Torme’s version if I had to pick one.

8. Moonshine Lullaby. From Annie Get Your Gun. It is Berlin’s hidden gems from one of the best scores in the history of Broadway.

9. A Boy Named Sue. With Man in Black and Folsom Prison Blues, this is one of my three favorite Johnny Cash recordings of all time.

10. He Stopped Loving You Today. Perhaps the best recording George Jones, an all time great, ever recorded. I doubt there is a country music fan over 50 alive who does think Jones’ heartbreaking version of this song is not one of the all time best. Several surveys name this song, written in 1980 as the single best country music song of all time. Get out the Kleenex if you are hearing it for the first time.


Took Charles and his family to an all you can eat sushi restaurant that, for 13.5 euros plus drinks seeeves really good food. I had only previously been there for dinner when the price doubles but the menu is much more extensive .


Read that Schumer says Senate will stay in session until deal is done. How any elected politician can, at this stage, do anything that could throw us into default, just boggles my mind.


Disappointed in the responses to my last musical quiz. I had one more drafted. Here it is and, if it is basically ignored I will move on to something else.

Name the tunes with these lyrics at the beginning of the refrain:

1. Then that’s got shall have. Them that’s not shall,one.

2. I live my day as if it were my last, live as if there were no past.

3. I can’t show my face, can’t go any place.

4. Pardon me boy..

5.Ding dong, ding dong, do you hear the bells go ding dong.

6. Whenever skies look gray to me, and trouble begins to brew.

7. Dear, I thought I’d drop a line, the weather cool, the folks are fine.

8. Oh they say people long ago were searching for a different tune..

9. I took one look at you, that’s all I meant to do.

10. In golden days a glimpse of stock was looked on as something shocking.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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