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Thursday, July 7, 2022

I basically ignored any current events yesterday until Biden spoke on the economy. He is right with most of what he said, but as I repeatedly say, “Being right is overrated”.

The reason I ignored television most of the day is that I have seen enough crying in the last few days to last me through the summer.


It is.more fun talking about my favorite country music songs with some of my readers than talking about gun control, inflation and abortion.


Went to Marlin game with Son Steven, Grandson Holden, and Daughter Beth. Biggest crowd of season to watch Ohtani pitch. Seeing him throw 100 mph, bat 3rd, and get the key hit for his team, driving in two runs, is a unique baseball experience.

We lost 5 to 2 and deserved to lose. So much for getting to .500 before going away to play the Mets who are far and away a better team.


I have not watched a lot of Wimbledon which is unusual. I had a great time on the one and only occasion we attended in person. The food was even good and fairly priced. At the U.S. Open, decent not great food can be found, but the prices are set at the highest possible level one can charge without going to jail.


Lindsey Graham is going to contest the Georgia Grand Jury subpoena. I am not surprised, but I will be surprised if Graham gets the relief he seeks.

Will Giuliani, Eastman and others so challenge their subpoenas? Stand by.


It is common to see a post asking what one would do if they could spend one day in the 50’s. I always responded to myself, rarely if ever publicly, “spend the day with my Mom”. I just looked at dozens of responses, and more than half of them were essentially the same as mine. I dare not ask my children how they think they would answer a similar question.


Is it possible? Mike Mulvaney may take a seat at the January 6 poker table.


Keep your fingers crossed, but Schumer and Manchin may have finally reached a meeting of the minds on a Reconciliation Bill.


I do not know enough to assess the significance of this, but it looks like Boris Johnson will be stepping down as Prime Minister.


Query; Do you think the five Justices who voted to overturn Roe v Wade understand at any level the pile of shit the have created? No matter what else they do in their careers, they will be tainted.


Go Ukraine, and vote like your life depends upon it.

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