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Thursday, July 21, 2022

With each passing hour, the Secret Service looks worse and worse. It just makes no sense that every text but one has not only disappeared, but is irretrievable.

The cleansing took place after two notices not to destroy records and was done in a way that leads any reasonable person to conclude that a calculation was made that the shitstorm that would occur when the disappearance became known was not as great as the shitstorm that would occur if the texts were produced.

We have had doctors who sell patients pretend medicines and pocket the profits, businesses who have calculated it is cheaper to pay damages that will occur in lawsuits than to recall millions of faulty units they manufactured, and now we have a Supreme Court that is a totally political animal totally out of touch with the majority of Americans. To add that we have a Secret Service willing to protect a Former President who should be in jail, should not come as a surprise.


This may sound a bit radical but some law enforcement agency needs to subpoena every single Secret Service Agent and every document relevant. Anything short of absolutely full compliance should result in the Agent immediately being suspended from duty, without pay, and ultimately fired.

Although I am confident it is not easy to become a Secret Service Agent, the present agents can be replaced, particularly if we immediately start training present applicants waiting to be hired. Time to clean house, because what has happened is just not acceptable no matter what one’s party affiliation.


Query: is Trump playing as much golf now as he did when he was President? I do not think so. The reason, it seems to me, is that Trump is busier now with all his lawyers and jousting at windmills than he was when he was supposed to be leading our Country.

It sounds unbelievable, but Trump just called an elected official In Wisconsin trying to get the results of the 2020 election changed.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, the State of Georgia may come through again and nail some of these guilty as hell jerks even before the Department of Justice.


How many of you think Nancy Pelosi should go to Taiwan? Such a visit will make the Chinese very unhappy. They said so in no uncertain terms.


The Italian government is about to collapse. I need to speak to my friends in Italy to become educated about this situation.


The January 6 hearing tonight is in prime time. Hopefully, it will attract a large audience. Since the Chair has Covid, the meeting will be run by Vice Chair Cheney. My bet is she will do a great job.

Matthew Pottinger will be testifying. I do not know him personally but like him, and his Father Stan is a good friend of mine. Stan is both an accomplished lawyer and author and is great company.

This guy Ziegler is a lot scary.


Giuliani never even contested the subpoena from Georgia. The problem is that putting people like Giuliani, Bannon, Stone, Flynn and Meadows under oath does not really help. They are all simply out-and-out liars, and taking an oath means nothing to them.


As I predicted, there is going to be a non-trivial amount of Republican support for the legislation approving same sex and interracial marriages. There are just too many families which have one or more gay members.

The real bias against these marriages comes from the older generations. Young people really do not care about these issues. As my generation and the generation behind me die out, we will be left with a population unconcerned about who loves whom.

Alito and Thomas and Cruz can take their views and shove them where the sun does not shine. I do believe that, at least in this respect, the world is passing them by.


Go Ukraine, and vote as if your life depends upon it.

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