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Thursday, July 14, 2022

There are many things I do not understand, probably many more than I do understand. One thing I do understand is that some things are not understandable.

Some things Barbara understands that I do not. For example, if I were alleged to have committed treason and all the other crimes Trump has been accused of, I would want to come forward and prove that I were innocent. I would want to tell my side of the story and deny doing anything wrong.

Barbara thinks that Trump obfuscates and that this approach works for him. When he is attacked he attacks back.


Lindsey Graham has now gone to federal court in South Carolina to appeal the decision of Georgia judge ordering Graham to honor subpoena. What is he hiding?


Anyone who watches any television has almost certainly seen advertisements from the Social Security Administration urging everyone to call to see if they are entitled to additional benefits Medicare benefits . The ad goes on to say that calling is necessary because if one is entitled to additional benefits, these benefits are not automatically provided .

Why? If I am entitled to something more, why should I have to call to initiate the payment? It seems to me that our government should automatically send me what I am entitled to receive.


Cannot imagine why, but sitting at the ballpark last night (accompanied by son Steven and grandson Holden), I could not stop thinking about my late friend Steve Kolodny. There were times I was with Steve that I thought he was indestructible.

Steve was a great lawyer but even a greater friend. There was almost nothing he would not do for a friend or do to an enemy, and he had many of the latter. Steve had a certain code of conduct which one could either buy into or not. Those who could not disliked Steve and would have little or nothing to do with him, which was just fine with Steve. However, those accepted in his world knew they had a great friend in their corner. I miss him.


Filled my gas tank yesterday for first time since returning from Italy -- $95!


Turned out to be a terrific Marlins game, won 5 to 4 in 10th by scoring three runs, the last on a wild pitch. We still need a closer as Scott Belen it again in the 9th. Man comes in and walks first two batters. He should be punished for that kind of pitching.


Only one more January 6 Committee meeting is presently scheduled. My instincts are that there could well be a need for more. There are still lots of people out there who know important things but have not yet come forward.

Nonetheless, it is clear to me that a whole lot of Republicans, elected and not elected, were willing to have our democracy go down the tube to keep Trump as President even though he lost.

I continue to be amazed that so few people are not totally outraged at what we already know occurred. Cheney had it exactly right when she described Trump as a 76-year-old grown man, not a child who could just decide he did not like the score of the game so declared the result was wrong.



Day game today. Will try to go with Beth. Her kids coming home this weekend so she will not have as much time to be with me, her beloved Daddy.


Go Ukraine, and vote like your life depends upon it.

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