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Thursday, July 13, 2023

What is on my mind? Almost nothing I can write about. One couple we know from a prior cruise reads my posts, took my recommendation and went to lunch at Tadich Grill. They were very pleased with their experience. ———————

We are holding our own at the tables and enjoying the experience of Reno which is much more informal than Vegas. The vast majority of men wear shorts even for dinner at the fanciest restaurants.

I am being intentionally obtuse here, but after dinner one of our guests fell down an entire flight of stairs and is in the hospital. I will not know until later today or tomorrow how badly he is doing.

I have stopped drink alcohol and I am being very careful about my sodium intake. Things were much better for me yesterday than they were Tuesday.

Watched quite a bit of Wimbledon with Beth. Some really good tennis. ————————— Biden seems to have done particularly well overseas. Clearly, he is not being given sufficient credit for his accomplishments. ————————- Marlins about to start a big series in Baltimore against a very good Orioles team. Barbara and I were invited to go as guests of the Marlins but I was committed to San Francisco and Reno. Once David and I set these dates, they have never been changed. —————————- The majority of conservatives I am meeting still favor Trump. They, apparently, are able to totally ignore all of Trump’s legal woes and just think they will go away ———————— See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan. ————————— Go Ukraine

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