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Thursday, January 5, 2023

Covid tests came back NEGATIVE. Yeah! Can you imagine if one of both of us were Positive?


Here are my random thoughts about Kevin McCarthy:

1. He will not be Speaker

2. He should not be Speaker for many reasons including but not limited to

a. He is not smart enough.

b. He cannot build a consensus.

c. He is vindictive

d. He tries to please everyone and pleases no one.

3. It would not make a difference, but moving into the Speaker’s office before being elected was just plain stupid and gave people who already dislike him another reason not to like him.

4 The other choices available in the House are as bad or worse.

5. It is unlikely McCarthy will give up.

6. If he does surrender, or is beaten, he will most likely resign from the House.

7. The impasse is best broken by bringing in a moderate Republican respected on both sides of the aisle who will attract enough votes from the Democrats and enough Republicans to get to 218.

Upton, Cheney, or Kinsinger come to mind. Someone should put a name like that in nomination. My bet is they would win.

8. The Catch-22 McCarthy, and in a sense the whole country, is in is that even if McCarthy can continue to compromise to satisfy enough of his opponents that they will withdraw their objections, we will have virtually a powerless Speaker. Strong leadership is needed and McCarthy will be, essentially, an empty suit.


Meanwhile back at the ranch, Biden and some other Democrats and McConnell and some other Republicans were in Kentucky touting all the great benefits the new Omnibus Bill brought to all Americans, but particularly people in Kentucky and Ohio who will now benefit from long needed repairs to a major bridge.

Keep in mind that this Omnibus Bill incurred the ire of McCarthy and other Republican far right House members, to the extent that McCarthy announced that any Bills from Senate Republicans who supported this Bill would be dead on arrival at his House. We deserve better that what it looks like we will be getting whether McCarthy wins or loses.


I guess my invitation to DeSantis’ Inaugural Ball was lost in the mail. That’s what happens when the postal machines are taken apart so mail-in ballots get lost.

Now this. Where. Is Pony Express when you need it?


At 3, we start our journey. Seabourn is picking us up at 3 p.m. and putting us up at the Mandarin, then taking us to ship tomorrow. There is a formal dinner dance tonight but I am just wearing a dark suit which is permitted. I am, however, taking a tuxedo because there are 15 formal nights on this cruise. I doubt we will attend every one but we shall see.

This may be our last major cruise, not because of our age, but because Barbara prefers traveling in a different manner. She is not fond of sea days and I love them Anyway, what will be, will be.

I have to find people with whom I can have dinner as Barbara much prefers not to have dinner. Last cruise around the world, I had Mike and Jalayne but not this time. Problem is where do I put the sign, “Do not apply if a MAGA Republican"?

If you read a headline that says either “Prominent Lawyer Lost at Sea” or “Prominent Lawyer Charged with Throwing Fellow Passengers Overboard”, you can bet I was involved.


Go Ukraine

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